6 Potent "Cocktail Pools"

A swank location, clever people, perfectly balanced beverages – that's a cocktail party! And if you want a water feature that's suitably sharp, that's both pleasing to the eye and a sure-fire conversation-starter, then you want a "cocktail pool."

A cocktail pool is the smart, efficient evolution of the traditional swimming pool. Eco-friendly alternatives to high-maintenance, space-hogging traditional pools, cocktail pools have blossomed into one of the fastest-growing trends in compact pool installations.

Endless Pools® gives you that cocktail-pool look with a full-size swimming pool's functionality. With its signature adjustable swim current, any Endless Pools model lets you swim in place. Imagine swimming in a cocktail pool with a remarkably economical footprint of just 9'x15'!

If you prefer boutiques to department stores, if your lifestyle is better suited to a Cockapoo than a Great Dane, then a clever cocktail pool may be perfect for your home. For inspiration, take a gander at these stylish cocktail pools by Endless Pools.

Beverages are served! This courtyard cocktail pool makes the perfect spot for entertaining al fresco. The partially in-ground installation creates perimeter seating; guests can kick off their shoes to cool their feet or just enjoy it as a reflecting pool. With the Endless Pools Original model, of course, the opportunity for a spontaneous swim should be reserved for designated drivers.

Sailcloth, overhead lighting, and a fire pit set the scene for a convivial evening around this cocktail pool. As a perk of the Endless Pools Original Series models, our inexpensive mineral sanitizer maintains crystal-clear water with very little chlorine; guests can gather around with no strong odors to distract from martinis or highballs.

Attend the Masters at Augusta, and you'll likely be offered an Azalea Cocktail, a fruity gin drink that's the perfect shade of azalea pink. You might find yourself craving one by this cocktail pool over a round of putt-putt! On this green, the water 'hazard' is an Endless Pools Performance model that's 42" deep – more than enough to swim in place, yet still easy to find a stray ball.

Who says a cocktail pool needs to be outdoors? Thanks to its modular construction, the Endless Pools Original Series pools install just as easily indoors, even in existing rooms – that lets your friends enjoy your cocktail pool in any weather! This cocktail pool can serve as a calm backdrop for intimate fireside conversation, or dip in for a swimsuit movie night.

Cheers to hydromassage seats! In the Endless Pools Fitness Systems E2000 swim spa, independent temperature controls let friends relax and toast at hot-tub temperatures, while the swimmer avoids overheating in cooler waters.

What's more versatile: a table designed only for dining, or an Endless Pools in-ground pool for swimming, entertaining, and relaxation? We think the owners of this open kitchen made the smart choice. Imagine serving oven-fresh apps directly to your immersed guests! The skylights and window bank give this indoor cocktail pool a bright, airy vibe.

Sometimes equated with a "spool" (a spa/pool combo; check out these 7 stunning spools as examples), the term "cocktail pool" frequently means a compact pool designed for entertaining in and around. Other installers view a cocktail pool as a sort of 'cocktail' itself – a delightful combination of carefully curated 'ingredients.' However you define it, the six Endless Pools cocktail pools above all fit the bill!

Endless Pools supports healthy, active lifestyles and urges you to please drink responsibly, at poolside and elsewhere.

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