Goodbye to

A Fully Revised Website is in the Works.

This summer, Endless Pools launched a completely redesigned website. Tailored to help our customers more easily navigate to the information they most want, the all-new was crafted for a more intuitive user experience packed with visual information. Next up, our Swimming Calculator microsite needs a refresh.

The longtime resource for swimmer of all stripes, the old is being retired. Watch for a newly redesigned site to take its place.

For the time being, is down. For years, though, the website provided useful tools for swimmers in training. For swimmers using the Endless Pools adjustable current, it could determine the equivalent distance traveled based on the current's pace and the time spent swimming. The calculator could also estimate how many calories were burned based on the swim stroke and the swimmer's weight.

Stay tuned for a revamped swim calculator with even more digital tools for goal-oriented swimmers in Endless Pools models, traditional pools, and the open water.

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