How Much Does a Swim Spa Cost?

Your swim spa cost depends on a number of factors, from size to feature set.

A swim spa can bring enormous value to your family, your health, and your home. With a swim spa on your patio or in your garage, you have convenient, private access to temperature-controlled water for fun, fitness, hydromassage, and uninterrupted swimming.

The market is now glutted with swim spa brands at a range of swim spa costs. Many use air jets to deliver their “swim” current, but who wants to swim into an onslaught of bubbles? That’s why Endless Pools® offers models with our custom-engineered airless jets, as well as swim spas featuring our signature propeller-driven current.

Endless Pools swim spas offer a range of smooth, airless current options. Our adjustable currents greatly expand your opportunities to stay fit, unwind, and have fun! This woman is using our optional resistance bands for a cool afternoon workout.

Endless Pools swim spas offer an unparalleled range of smooth currents. And that’s not all that set them apart from the competition. Our swim spas boast a rich variety of features, both standard and optional. Let’s start with our most budget-friendly swim spas and move on to our top-of-the-line models.

RecSport® Recreation Systems

For affordable luxury from a trusted brand, many customers have opted for a swim spa from the Endless Pools R-Series. These models, called RecSport Recreation Systems, offer a three-jet current designed for fun, aquatic workouts, and recreational swimming.

A space-saving addition to any backyard, our R500 swim spa lets you swim, play, and exercise in temperature-controlled water. That leaves plenty of room for dining, entertaining, and dry-land relaxation!

Like all Endless Pools swim spas, they feature a durable, well-insulated, easy-maintenance cabinet designed with clean, classic lines. Hydromassage jets and a low-chlorine purification system both come standard.

Designed for active family fun, your R-Series experience can be augmented with options such as our eight-speaker Bluetooth sound system, exterior LED lighting to set the mood, and for stronger swimmers, our padded swim tether.**

How much does a RecSport swim spa cost?
As of January 1, 2024, RecSport swim spas start with a MSRP of $23,999.*

SwimCross® Exercise Systems

For the same standard features with a stronger, more versatile current, consider our X-Series swim spas. Called SwimCross Exercise Systems, these swim spas feature a smooth current from four custom-engineered airless jets.

With our SwimCross current, you’ll get a wider range of speeds for swimming, greater resistance for any aquatic workout, and a strong wave for kids who love active play!

Parents love the compact, controlled environment of an Endless Pools swim spa for teaching their kids swimming and water safety skills. This X500 swim spa gives them plenty of room to teach and enjoy!

Designed for home fitness, our SwimCross swim spas benefit from options like our Aquabike, row bar kit, and resistance bands.** Any one of these aquatic fitness options will give you a variety of low-impact workouts to keep your fitness regimen fun and engaging.

How much does a SwimCross swim spa cost?
As of January 1, 2024, SwimCross X-Series swim spas start with a MSRP of $34,999.*

Endless Pools Fitness Systems

Since 1988, Endless Pools has been known for our signature current. Our custom-designed propeller funnels a high volume of water through a series of conditioning grills; the result is a wide, deep, and ultra-smooth current. We challenge you to find a more swimmable, more adjustable current in any swim spa!

This signature current comes standard in every one of our E-Series models. These swim spas, the Endless Pools Fitness Systems line, are our most varied. The four swim spas include our E550 with more room for swimming and fitness, thanks to standing hydromassage zones, and our E2000 with separate swim/fitness and spa sections, each with independently controlled temperatures.

The dual-chamber E2000 swim spa features independent temperature controls. She can enjoy hot-tub luxury while he swims in cooler waters better suited to a vigorous workout.

With a standard 58-inch height, our E-Series swim spas are deep enough for our Underwater Treadmill option.** An Endless Pools exclusive, the treadmill transforms your swim spa into a complete home gym. Water running and water walking give you low-impact workouts with 360-degree resistance!

How much does an Endless Pools Fitness System swim spa cost?
As of January 1, 2024, Endless Pools Fitness System swim spas start with a MSRP of $49,999.*

Swim Spa Value

Ultimately, what most consumers want to more than swim spa cost is swim spa value. That is, they want the best swim spa at the best price. You can surely find lower-cost swim spas on the market. Of course, smart consumers know that a swim spa can be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. By choosing a durable, feature-rich swim spa from a trusted brand, they maximize their long-term investment.

Since 1988, Endless Pools has been working to deliver more for people who want aquatic fitness and recreation options at home. By refining our technology, reimagining the power of water at every step, we’ve engineered a line of swim spas that have changed people’s lives.

When you’re ready to invest in the fun, fitness, and relaxation that a swim spa can bring, test an Endless Pools swim spa before making your final decision. We’re confident that you’ll see and feel the countless differences that make Endless Pools the superior swim spa choice.

* Prices are subject to change. MSRP does not include accessories, shipping, or taxes. For a price quote, see the Endless Pools swim spa dealer for your area.

** Recommended options only. The Underwater Treadmill can only be added to E-Series Endless Pools Fitness System models. All other options can be chosen for any Endless Pools swim spa model.

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