5 Must-See Endless Pools (photos)

Rustic or grand, organic or outstanding, the versatile Endless Pools® swimming machine adapts to every aesthetic. Check out these gorgeous recent photographs for proof!

The owners of these Endless Pools models enjoy in-place swimming with our signature adjustable current, whether it's in the garden, in their home, or in new construction. These installations – as surprising as they are stunning – promote fun, fitness, and property value.

Take a look…

What do you do when you buy a home with an Endless Pools Original model already installed? You make it your own! The new owner of this Dover, New Hampshire, sunroom quickly brought in bromeliads and other sun-loving plants to optimize the bright natural vibe of her in-ground installation.

This partially in-ground Endless Pools installation puts an affordable, eco-friendly twist on Southern California living. By day, its smooth swim current lets the family swim in place, add core resistance to aquatic exercise, or kick back to enjoy a 'lazy river.' By night, the same pool makes an ideal location for entertaining or a romantic evening.

When simple is all you need, an Endless Pools model still fits the bill. This modest home in Northern California chose a larger 8' x 16' Endless Pools setup; the pergola casts it under partial sunlight. Mom swims while the rest of the family dips in to relax. Not seen: the turnkey, below-deck cover for ease of operation and the cleanest look.

Why swim outside in San Antonio when summer temperatures exceed 100? This homeowner opted for an Endless Pools house marked by rich wood tones, with matching blinds and a ceiling fan. The pool's four hydrotherapy jets help make this pool cabin a relaxing escape from the Texas heat.

Endless Pools Original Series pools heat more easily and affordably than a traditional pool, thanks to its compact size and insulation options. That lets this pool owner and his son train for sprint triathlons all year long! They can swim in full view of the changing seasons, right in their own suburban New Jersey backyard.


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