Letter from an Endless Pools Customer

"Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy" is how Tanya describes her Endless Pools experience!

Hi John!

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write to tell you how much I love my Endless Pool!

We finished our backyard renovations this summer. The pool is absolutely amazing! I LOVE it so much! Not only is it fabulous for swimming against your incredible current, but I floated in the pool all summer reading my waterproof Kindle. It was the most joyous summer!

Take in the view from the cushy seating on the patio! To the left: their Endless Pools Dual-Temperature Swim Spa. The family can independently control the water temperature in each section; according to Tanya, “I have the pool set at 90 degrees and the hot tub at 104.”

The arrival of winter in Calgary has not slowed me down. I still swim almost every day! I have the pool set at 90 degrees and the hot tub at 104, and it's absolutely not an issue to get into the pool for a winter swim. It's so comfortable and so relaxing. Winter swimming is honestly as enjoyable as summer swimming.

My husband, Jim, is in charge of pool maintenance and has come across no issues. The pool is very easy to maintain. Also, our electricity bill saw only a minor bump. I was amazed! The pool cover is also easy peasy lemon squeezy to open and close. We have the lift assist for the pool end and just lift the hot tub end to the side. I do it solo all the time with absolutely no issue.

Thanks for the amazing service, John, and for our incredible pool. It has been worth every single penny! In fact, I'm going out for a swim right now!

Tanya R.
Alberta, Canada

How do you keep critters and debris out and heat in? This family chose a bi-fold cover, a rigid lightweight core sealed in marine-grade vinyl that’s specially treated to withstand mildew, mold, and UV while remaining soft and pliable. Tanya is “amazed” that she can get the cover on and off alone “with absolutely no issue.”

With its compact size, this Endless Pool Swim Spa is affordable to heat, even in the Canadian winter! Owner and Calgary resident Tanya tells us, “Winter swimming is honestly as enjoyable as summer swimming [and] our electricity bill saw only a minor bump.

NOTE: Tanya owns a retired Endless Pools model. We currently offer the E2000, our redesigned Dual-Temperature Swim Spa.

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