A Legacy of Innovation

Hydrodrive™ Powers Wellness and Recreation

Our Pools Do More with Smarter Technology

  • Industry-leading currents
  • Advanced options for low-impact fitness
  • Adaptable for swimmers of all levels
  • Surprisingly versatile

At Endless™ Pools, innovation is at the core of everything we do. Taking inspiration from the elite swimmers and athletes who train with our products, we continuously challenge ourselves to deliver the best technology and experiences.

Our commitment to improvement benefits every Endless Pools customer, whether they’re training for the next event, enjoying low-impact exercise, relaxing in soothing warm water, or having fun, splashing and playing with the kids. 

We’re passionate about every aspect of the customer experience, and that doesn’t end with designing great products. We empower people at all levels of fitness to live healthier, happier lives by tapping into the power of water.

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Nearly 40 Years of Innovation

When Endless Pools introduced the first swim-in-place current in 1988, our ground-breaking technology was quickly embraced by collegiate swim programs. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate to make our currents faster and more powerful for those who need the boost, yet smoother and softer to rejuvenate and delight all users.

Hydrodrive™ Technology: propelling our most advanced current

Add Power, Versatility and Fun

Hydrodrive generates a smooth, wide, adjustable current that enables resistance without turbulence in a compact space. It provides an optimum training environment for perfecting strokes and speed by swimming “endlessly” without the need for flip turns. 

The same industry-leading technology provides homeowners and businesses with a versatile tool to enhance fitness, therapy, recovery, and more. Hydrodrive enables swimmers of all skill levels to find greater comfort in water. And the fast, powerful current will motivate the kids to leave their screens behind to splash, play, and float! 

Hydrodrive is available in our Original Pool, E-Series Swim Spas, and Fastlane® Pro.

Advanced Technology for next-level swim training

For serious swimmers and fitness enthusiasts who demand higher performance, Hydrodrive™ Plus is our most popular upgrade. It delivers a smoother, wider, deeper, and more powerful current that's ideal for more serious training. Raise the bar with the Hydrodrive Plus, available in our Performance Pool

With nearly twice the output volume of our original Hydrodrive current, Hydrodrive™ Pro is our fastest, most powerful option and is the  top choice of competitive swim programs and those who want the best. Professional athletes demand more and Endless Pools delivers with this unrivaled training tool, used by Olympic gold medalists in Triathlon and Swimming. Hydrodrive Pro is available in our Elite Pool.

The Performance Pool with Hydrodrive Plus is a game changer for this northern California couple.

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