The Top 8 Pictures from the 2018 Endless Pools Photo Contest

The judges have spoken! Proud Endless Pools customers submitted literally hundreds of pool photos for the 2018 Photo Contest. After thoughtful consideration by our design team, followed by company-wide voting on the finalists, we're honored to present the winners of this year's pool photo contest.

1st Place: Mary & Kyle's Performance Pool

Kyle and Mary work together and train together. They customized this Endless Pools Performance model to be wider and deeper, and they installed it partially in-ground in this rustic, light-filled addition to their home.

The former triathletes (he's completed both IRONMAN Kona and the Boston Marathon) transitioned to biathlon in 2006. Their new discipline demands endurance and focus, so swimming in place makes for skill-specific cross-training. They added our Underwater Treadmill, which is perfect for low-impact running, jogging, and walking.

They must appreciate the opportunity to train in warm water with a year-round pool season. Their mountaintop town is the coldest in the lower 48 States, due to its 8,600-foot elevation!

2nd Place: Andrea & Richard's Original Pool

Richard and Andrea enjoy sky-high swimming with this glorious view of the Rocky Mountains. They customized this Endless Pools Original model to 7 feet by 12 feet, which is 2 feet shorter than standard; they also ordered it to be 6 inches deeper.

They built this exercise room with a double-wide garage door on their home's lower level. They added a heated floor, which makes for a comfy transition out of the heated pool on winter days in the Rockies!

The Original Pool lets them enjoy in-place swimming and aquatic exercise; that's especially helpful to Andrea, who has arthritis in both knees. Aquatic therapy pools, like those from Endless Pools, can provide a low-impact, pain-free way to stay fit and manage chronic pain.

3rd Place: Debra & Donald's Performance Pool

Donald and Debra use this Endless Pools Performance pool for recreational swimming and for aquatic exercise to help manage her arthritis. Thanks to the pool's modular design, they were able to customize this to 8 feet by 14 feet, with a depth of 54 inches.

Our team of staff architects and engineers consulted on this remarkable installation. The Performance pool has been installed on a steep hillside with a grand view of the Southern California coast. They then constructed a deck around it for a fully in-ground appearance.

The couple happily participates in our Customer Demonstrator program, allowing area families to try this Endless Pools model before they buy their own.

Honorable Mention: Kim's Original Pool

Kim wanted to low-impact exercise for her fibromyalgia. She also wanted to teach her husband to swim. She selected this Endless Pools Original pool, installed partially in-ground, to serve both purposes, all from the convenience of their New England backyard.

While Kim chose stacked stone skirting to give the pool an organic feel, she accessorized with bold orange furniture for vibrant pops of color! Not seen: the Automatic Security Cover that, with a turn of a key, retracts below the deck; the cover keeps debris out while containing the warm water.

Honorable Mention: Debbie & Rick's Endless Pools swim spa

This Endless Pool in a Cleveland suburb was definitely a family affair. Architect/daughter Becky oversaw the creation of the multi-deck project on this extraordinary lake house. Dad Rick did the stonework on the sidewall, and mom Debbie used it for aquatic therapy after her knee replacement surgery.

Since the family installed this dual-temperature swim spa in 2014, a new and improved model launched under the Endless Pools Fitness System banner. The latest model, the E2000, still features separate exercise and spa areas, each with its own independent temperature control.

Honorable Mention: Fleur & Tom's Original Pool

Kids love the Endless Pools adjustable swim current! Yes, the current permits in-place swimming for all levels of swimmer, from beginners to elite athletes. For users who aren't so goal-oriented, the smooth current is just plain fun. It turns a compact family pool into your own at-home water park.

Tom and Fleur purchased this Endless Pools Original model in 1999, inspired by This Old House magazine. Nearly 20 years later, it's serving a new generation of swimmers and splashers.

Honorable Mention: Sheri & Bruce's Original Pool

For Sheri and Bruce, pool time is family time! One of the joys of their Endless Pools Original Series pool is the occasion for active fun with their daughter (center) and grandchild (upper right).

In this 10-year-old installation in California's Central Coast region, three generations can gather to swim, bond, and see how long they can hold their breath!

Honorable Mention: Jaakko's Original Pool

Jaakko, a Finnish DJ and music video director in the Los Angeles area, chose this standard-size Endless Pools Original pool for his family pool. His son's sly expression while watching his mom swim really caught our judges' eyes!

The modular design of the Endless Pools Original Series makes it flexible for installation almost anywhere – and for reinstallation too. Jaakko was able to move this pool from the East Coast to reinstall it at his West Coast home! The pool is 11 years old (clearly older than the kid in swimmies!) and still delivers everyday fitness and fun for this family of five.

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