Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Letter from an Endless Pool Owner

Dear Endless Pools,

My wife and I had an indoor Endless Pool® installed within the last few months, and we wanted to relay to you what an excellent experience we had (and are still having).

We had it installed in our sunroom by Lee Jackson of Jackson Builders. Lee and his team were efficient, thorough, and very concerned with our satisfaction. Together, we designed and constructed two sliding decks strong enough to walk on. These decks conceal the pool (and prevent evaporation/condensation) and allow us to continue to use the sunroom when we are not swimming. They slide open very easily to allow quick access for swimming.

Lee's diligence and patience in constructing these decks – as well as with finishing not just the pool, but also the entire room – has left us with a stunning final product. I hope the attached pictures give you some idea of the high quality of his work.

Now you see it... you don't! This Endless Pools Original Series pool disappears beneath the floor with the push of a button. It’s a two-fold solution: the decks slide closed to keep this sunroom spacious while also controlling humidity. The pool’s owner wrote to us to express his gratitude to his Independent Service Provider and our staff for the “excellent experience we had (and are still having).”

We are also grateful to Lynne Evans from Endless Pools who was very helpful and professional without ever pushing hard for a sale. The product is so good that it almost sells itself (the test swim was exceedingly helpful), but we were nonetheless thankful to be able to bounce a few questions off Lynne and get the answers we needed to proceed with confidence.

We are using the pool regularly and enjoying it immensely. Thanks for an excellent product and staff, and thank you for partnering with someone like Lee Jackson who did an amazing job on our project.

Les S.
Palmyra, PA

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