Swim Spas:
Combined Pool and Spa!

Get the best of both worlds for your aquatic investment.

Pools and spas have always been two sides of the same coin— similar, but decidedly separate, even when they’re right beside each other. One to sit in and relax, and one for swimming and other physical activities.

Since they serve distinct purposes, it can be difficult to choose one or the other if you’re interested in both. You might think that you would have to buy both a pool and a hot tub to get the full combined pool and spa experience.

Fortunately for you, there is a product that blends the best of both products for a combined pool and spa in one, effortlessly balancing them. In fact, there are several of these “swim spas” to choose from.

For the ultimate in combined pool and spa luxury, meet the E2000 swim spa. Part of our Endless Pools Fitness Systems line, it features separate sections for activity and hydromassage, each with an independent temperature setting. Here, it's installed partially in-ground on this beautiful redwood deck for easy access and unobstructed sight lines.

What's the difference?

Pools are typically bigger than hot tubs and swim spas, the greater space allowing for greater range of motion, whether that’s for exercise or just for fun.

Spas are smaller, built for the purpose of sitting, relaxing, and enjoying hydromassage. If you have a get-together in your hot tub or spa, people won’t be moving around much. In a spa, you just sit and let the jets do the work.

Pool parties involve games and lots of physical activity; they're great for fun or for exercise. If you invite people over to hang out in your spa, they’ll expect to enjoy sitting and soaking in some warm water.

Retirees Bob and Ellen realized their dream of a combined pool and spa with our WaterWell® plunge pool. They assembled it in their existing sunroom and customized it for the perfect fit! Indoors, it provides year-round access, safe from the dog days of a Houston summer.

Apart from size, temperature is also a key factor. While many pools have heating systems, heat is intrinsic to a spa in a way that it isn’t for a pool. On a hot summer day, a pool with cooler water can be just as much fun as a warm one, if not better; a cold spa wouldn’t make much sense.

A pool’s cool water may be refreshing, while the warm water of a spa provides relaxation instead.

Why should you get both?

Certainly, there are pros and cons to owning either a pool or a spa.

You can’t swim in a hot tub or spa because there’s typically not enough space to move around in or deep enough water. And even if you had the space to swim, swimming with all those bubbles in your face would hardly be pleasant. Traditional pools are more fun for kids for this reason.

On the other hand, heated pools or even pools with jets aren’t typically designed to give you the signature feel you’d find in a spa, and the latter’s smaller size also means a lower cost.

Bring the pool and spa pleasures of a country club to your home with a Performance pool and your own putt putt course! This Endless Pools retreat gives you a playful, relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Enjoy a swim, a soak, and, if you're feeling energetic, a rousing game on this three-hole course.

While pools may be better for exercise, spas are great for hydrotherapy.

In addition, the stairs in pools are often designed so you can easily step into the pool— not as a seating area. Who wants their bathing suits to get all fuzzy from sitting on uncomfortable concrete stairs?

The two truly balance each other out in more ways than one, offering separate experiences despite the similarities. It’s easy to feel as though you may be missing out on something if you have to choose just one. However, there is a way to get a combined pool and spa experience with only one product.

Our Product

With our Swim Spas, you won’t have to compromise on any of your preferred features. You’ll have plenty of space for both swimming and sitting, and a clear distinction between the two areas even if you don’t choose to have them separated.

There are jets and hydromassage seats at one end of the Swim Spa, and an area dedicated to activity with our signature endless current at the other. It’s a combined pool and a spa in one!

This E500 swim spa lets you swim in place, play, and enjoy relaxing hydromassage jets. Installed on this backyard deck, it delivers a glorious ideal combined pool and spa experience. Before or after, you have everything you need for relaxing, entertaining, and outdoor dining.

Endless Pools offers three distinct types of Swim Spas, so you can choose whatever fits your needs the best.

  • Our E-series, called Endless Pools Fitness Systems, feature our signature adjustable current.

  • Our SwimCross® Exercise Systems, the X Series, has our custom-engineered airless four-jet current.

  • For the most affordable option, our R-series, called RecSport® Recreation Systems, have just three of our unique airless jets.

All three categories also have multiple models to choose from, with optional accessories, such as our Aquabike, to enhance your experience. With all the models from the three Swim Spa series, you really are spoiled for choice.

It may surprise you, but whether you want to get some good exercise, sit out in the sun, or switch off between the two, you’ll find the combined pool and spa experience that you dream of.

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