Before & After a Backyard Pool Renovation (video)

This Partially In-ground Pool is Super-powered with Endless Pools® Technology

From a small patch of grass to pool paradise – that's the transformation undergone by this Long Beach, California, home. The homeowners installed a backyard pool featuring a Fastlane® Pro current generator and a Hydrostride™ underwater treadmill, both exclusively by Endless Pools®.

Traditional Pool, Meet Endless Pools

The Fastlane Pro delivers the same adjustable current found in the Endless Pools Original model. It's makes uninterrupted swimming possible while also adding resistance to any aquatic exercise. Kids love to play in the current, and it can create a relaxing pool-wide 'lazy river.'

The Hydrostride treadmill lets the pool owners walk, jog or run in their pool. By transporting those dry-land activities into the pool, the Hydrostride treadmill turns high-impact exercise into low-impact exercise. Suddenly, you can jog or run without the toll on your back, knees, and hips. For people with arthritis or other chronic pain, the Hydrostride treadmill can allow them to get moving and feel in control.

The Fastlane Pro can be installed on almost any traditional pool, new or existing. The Hydrostride underwater treadmill is best installed during a new pool's construction; it can also be added during a pool renovation.

California Dreamin'

This backyard pool is just a few miles from Alamitos Bay and the Pacific Ocean. For the family that owns it, the pool – and its Endless Pools technology – gives them aquatic fun and fitness on demand. There's no commute, no crowds, and no hassle.

With Endless Pools' products for traditional pools, the value that's added to your pool investment is incalculable! Plus, there's the added sense of security from a home swimming pool that's relatively shallow.

The pool has a 51" water depth at the location of the Hydrostride treadmill. That puts the body in about four feet of water when walking, jogging, or running. The water provides 360-degree resistance for a total-body workout (depending on your height, of course).

Our thanks to the team at Sunset Designers & Builders for their beautiful work on this pool. If you're in their exclusive service area – which also includes Rossmoor, Los Alamitos, and Seal Beach – you can contact them at

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