A Grand Mediterranean Pool to Swim in Place (video)

Magnificent views of a glorious pool – that's what you'll see in this brief video. And at the pool's far end, you'll see the Endless Pools Fastlane® Pro current system. Our signature swim-current generator transforms this pool for fitness, family fun, aquatic therapy, and swimming in place.

In-Place Swimming in a Big Pool

Why would they choose the Fastlane Pro model for a pool this size? Consider that the pool's length includes a sizable shallow end; the stairs extend to the first brick obelisk. You would cross the remaining two-thirds of the pool in fewer than 10 strokes before hitting the wall.

With the Fastlane current, you can swim in place against a smooth current that adjusts for every swimmer. Swimming in place does more than just let you enjoy a better swimming rhythm.

By swimming with the Fastlane current, triathletes and open water swimmers get an excellent simulation of open water conditions. Pool swimmers have the opportunity to observe and fine-tune their strokes in real time with our underwater mirror. And for fitness buffs, swimming in place delivers a most vigorous workout.

Palatial Pool and Lazy River in One

In this video, the Fastlane Pro current is turned up to its top speed. As you can see, the current pushes all the way to the far end of the pool! That creates a festive 'Lazy River' for all to enjoy.

And what a view for a relaxing afternoon float! The poolscaping features lavish brick walls in stone white with rust and pale gray accents. They provide privacy on two sides as well as a bit of grandeur, with a trio of lion-head fountains on the arched section.

For a Dynamic Pool…

This brilliant pool installation was created by Dynamic Environments. Like Endless Pools, the award-winning landscape architecture and contracting firm is now 30 years old.

At Dynamic, their goal is to improve every client's experience by consolidating the design and construction into one simplified, cost-controlled process. As you can see from this spectacular drone video, they gives the discriminating client a resource to make their outdoor dreams a reality. 

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