A Different Kind of Triathlon

“Shut up, pain!”
“Suck it up!”
“No room for the weak!”
“You may beat me, but I will make you bleed to do it!”

These are some actual mantras of triathletes. And Charlie Patten, Jr., was a typical, driven, no-excuses triathlete … until the day he realized that he was missing his kids’ soccer game to train for the bike leg. “Triathlon doesn’t have to be that way,” he thought. “It can be about family, friends, just enjoying yourself.”

This epiphany led him to found Revolution 3, a triathlon series that’s less about pushing beyond all known limits and more a celebration of being active with your community.

This Endless Pool Commercial Performance model will be available for free test swims at 11 Rev3 triathlons around the U.S. from May through November. Triathletes find that it's an ideal tool to train for open-water swimming. You can enter to win an Endless Pools Fastlane swim-current generator during the 2014 Rev3 season.

The inaugural race was a “Half-Rev” (a half-distance triathlon) in Middlebury, CT, in 2009. This year, they’ll host 11 Rev3 triathlons in the U.S. and one in Mexico. As an extension of their all-are-welcome ethos, Rev3 has partnered with Truckers to Triathletes to help the occupation with the highest obesity rates (according to data released this year) to buck that trend.

Endless Pools® will participate in all U.S. Rev3 events this year, starting Sunday, May 18, in Knoxville, TN, and concluding in Venice, FL, on Sunday, November 9. At each, you can take a free Endless Pools test swim. Triathletes praise the compact training pools for the smooth, powerful swim current and for the optional swim mirrors that provide real-time feedback for a more efficient stroke. If you can’t attend, you can still enter to win one of our Fastlane® Pro current systems.

Endless Pools has supported the sport of Triathlon for over 20 years, and we are very excited to join Rev3 for their 2014 race series. We hope you can join us and share the excitement, meet our passionate representatives, and experience firsthand why an Endless Pool is the perfect complement to any training regimen.

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