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Endless Pools® Original Series
How we create the smoothest swim available
Endless Pools® Performance Model
A game-changing upgrade from Endless Pools
Streamline® Pool
Our most compact and affordable swimming pool, the Streamline comes complete in one all-inclusive package.
WaterWell® Pool
Ideal for aquatic exercise and therapy, our WaterWell provides chest-deep water in a freestanding package that fits just about anywhere.
Fastlane® Pro
The Fastlane Pro truly transforms your backyard pool from passive amusement to a center for lifelong health and entertainment.
Hydrostride™️ Underwater Treadmill
Now available for traditional backyard pools, our revolutionary pool-and-spa technology for low-impact walking and running.
Endless Pools Elite Pool
How elite swimmers perfect their stroke.
How Endless Pools® are Built
How the Endless Pools® Swim Machine Works
Endless Pools® Fitness Systems | E2000
The E2000 lets you have it all, featuring the Endless Pools swim current and separate spa area.
Endless Pools® Fitness Systems | E550
Even more room for at-home, total-body fitness with no jetted seats and a wider exercise area.
Endless Pools® Fitness Systems | E500
The ideal environment for total-body fitness: our signature swim current, sleek design, and more.
SwimCross® Exercise System | X500
For total-body fitness and fun, this 15-foot swim spa gives your family options for swimming and active together time.
RecSport® Recreation System | R500
Wellness is a lifestyle, not a goal. Prioritize your family's wellbeing with this 15-foot swim spa for active quality time.
RecSport® Recreation System | R220
This 12’ swim spa features seating for nine and more jets than any of our current swim spa models, making it ideal for entertaining friends and family.
RecSport® Recreation System | R200
Taking care of your well-being isn't just about working out. It's about family time, ME time, relaxation and play time.

Limits surpassed. Pain Relieved. More time spent together. Explore our pools and spas, and you'll discover the transformative versatility behind the beautiful visuals.

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