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The Endless™ Pools E2000 Swim Spa Balances Fun, Fitness, and Relaxation!

Whether they’re unwinding in the spa with a good book, swimming or walking against the adjustable current, or taking outdoor movie nights to a whole new level, Luis and Grazi never run out of ways to enjoy the benefits of their Endless Pools E2000 swim spa. They appreciate how easy it is to keep the E2000 warm, for year round use, "All we have to do is remove the cover and get in!"

Explore the E2000 Swim Spa Fitness & Family Fun
Students Learn Water Safety With The Endless Pools Swim Current

At Swim4Life in Evergreen, Colorado, Courtney Kline helps children master the skills they need to be safer and more comfortable in the water. Nearly 75% of drownings in children over five happen in open water. Courtney uses the Endless Pools® swim current to help students become familiar with water resistance, to better prepare them for swimming in lakes and oceans.

Open Water Safety
Paralyzed Police Officer Regains His Independence

Keith career as a motorcycle officer was cut short when he collided with a car during a high-speed chase. Thanks to regular workouts in his backyard pool, featuring the Endless Pools®️ Fastlane®️ Pro and Hydrostride™️ underwater treadmill, Keith is able to build core and leg strength safely as well as stay active and independent.

Learn about the Underwater Treadmill Explore the Fastlane Pro
A Pool for Isla

Born with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, a genetic disorder that causes her body to produce excess bone, Isla was gradually losing mobility as her joints became locked. With an Original Endless Pool model in her backyard, she is able to move around in the water safely and confidently, and loves having friends over to swim and socialize.

Accessibility Options Pools for Hydrotherapy
Performance Model is a Game Changer

With an Endless Pools® Performance model, Michal can enjoy a vigorous aquatic workout without leaving home. His wife, Katherine, is a casual swimmer and enjoys the water in her own way. When not swimming, their pool is the centerpiece of their entertainment space!

Step Up to the Performance Pool Swim at Home
An R500 Swim Spa Gives A Growing Family Space to Play

Endless Pools' lower cost, compact footprint, and simpler installation makes it the perfect, practical alternative to an in-ground pool.

NOTE: Children should be supervised while using the pool. Do not leave children unattended.

Explore the R500 Swim Spa Fitness & Family Fun
WaterWell®: The Ideal Pool for Family & Fitness

An Endless Pools WaterWell model installed in their basement rec room helps Joan, diagnosed with MS, stay fit and active. It's also a versatile space where the couple can relax together, and enjoy family fun with the grandkids.

Discover The WaterWell More Than a Therapy Pool!
Sonoma County Oasis Features Endless Pools

Designers Martin Kobus and Chris Bergin created a stunning getaway home in wine country. Their Performance model blends with their design aesthetic while providing a fun, flexible space for outdoor entertainment, relaxation, and exercise.

Learn About the Performance Pool Style Meets Performance
An Endless Pools® X2000 Swim Spa Brings Family Together

Three generations enjoy swimming, relaxing, and spending time together. They transitioned from an in-ground pool to a swim spa for their new home in New Hampshire and have been loving every moment.

NOTE: Children should be supervised while using the pool. Do not leave children unattended.

Check Out The Versatile X2000 Family Time in Endless Pools
Adult Learn-to-Swim Lessons with Endless Pools and SwimLabs

Sharon is overcoming her fear of the water by taking adult learn-to-swim classes using Endless Pools models at a local swim school. Her son is also learning to swim, too, and they have bonded over their experience together. Sharon's next goal? Completing a triathlon!

Adult Learn-to-Swim Lessons Train for a Triathlon
Swimming The Way It Was Meant To Be

Best known for giving swimmers their own private swim lanes, Endless Pools are also ideal for kids, families, and pool parties! Our customers weigh in on Endless Pools' practicality, convenience, versatility, and of course, the signature swim current.

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Why Team Charles-Barclay Swim with Endless Pools

Professional triathlete Lucy Charles-Barclay holds the record for fastest female swim time at the IRONMAN World Championships. When Lucy and her pro triathlete husband, Reece, wanted a training pool for their home, they chose the Endless Pools.

Triathlon Training with Endless Pools Hear Lucy's Story
Susie O'Neill (aka Madame Butterfly) & her Endless Pools Performance Model

Australian Olympic swimmer Susie O'Neill says the "best thing" about Endless Pools is the convenience of having a pool in her backyard. She also loves the versatility whether she's training for a swim, cooling off after a hot day, or entertaining her kids.

Get Inspired With Performance Pools Choose Your Pace
Gideon Ariel Gets Back To Exercising

Despite health challenges, Olympic shot put and discus thrower Gideon Ariel wasn't ready to give up his passion for fitness. Now 83 years old, Gideon gets a safe, effective daily workout in his E700 Swim Spa.

Explore the E700 Get Fit With Endless Pools
Weight Loss is Pain-Free with Water Exercise

Meredith was looking for a safe, pain-free way to lose weight when she learned about the benefits of low-impact water exercise with an Endless Pools Fitness System.

Learn About Our Swim Spas Aquatic Exercise Gets Results
Tas Gets an Endless Pools Performance Model

When elite swimmer Anastasia Pagonis lost her vision at 15, NBC's "George to the Rescue" reached out to Endless Pools to help turn her family's garage into a training room. She continued her lifelong pursuit of competing in the Olympic games, and won Gold and Bronze at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

Hear Anastasia's Story Endless Pools Gives Back
Endless Pools Helps Accident Survivor

A tragic car accident left Ian orphaned and with a severe brain injury. His family struggled to keep up with his therapy schedule until the team at Watkins Wellness donated an Endless Pools Fitness System. Now, Ian can get the therapy he needs at home and his family can enjoy it as well.

Endless Pools Fitness System E700 Hydrotherapy Pools

Our customers use our pools to swim, to come together with active fun, to recover, to meet fitness goals, and so much more! Discover how Endless Pools can help you meet your goals.

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