6 Reasons Triathletes Train with Endless Pools®

From IRONMAN® veterans to Olympic medalists to committed age-groupers, triathletes know that there's no swim training quite like Endless Pools training.

Many leading triathlon stores and coaches have installed Endless Pools models to provide their clients with the best possible tools to improve their swim technique. Just imagine having the ideal training conditions at home with these six triathlon-specific benefits:

1. Convenience

One of the reasons that the swim is the most challenging of triathlon's three disciplines is that, for most triathletes, you cannot train whenever you want. Swimming usually has more obstacles than the bike or the run. With your own convenient swim-training pool from Endless Pools, you can just suit up and go!

A home training pool will save you time and headaches. You can complete your swim training with no commute, no membership fees, no crowds, no locker rooms, and no scheduling conflicts.

2. Swimming Against a Current

We've heard it from many triathletes: The Endless Pools current gives a remarkable simulation of real open water conditions. Unlike swimming in a traditional pool, Endless Pools swimming sends you head-first into a smooth, river-like current. With dozens of speeds, the current adjusts for every level of swimmer and for either rigorous or light training days.

For a smooth, powerful current, many top-level triathletes choose our Performance pool with a top speed equal to a 1:05/100-yard pace.

Our Dual Propulsion model features the same current as in our Original model, but there are two of them, side by side, each with an independent speed control. For age-group triathletes who have a regular training partner, it could be the smart choice to save time and accommodate friendly competition.

3. Technique Training

Triathletes find that they can make real progress by swimming in place. The optional Endless Pools underwater mirrors let them observe every detail of their swim stroke in real time. That lets them make immediate improvements.

With the rare opportunity to observe your freestyle stroke, you can build muscle memory. That is, you can connect what you're doing with how it feels. Sometimes, for instance, swimmers think that their arm isn't crossing over when it really is. Finally, you can know for sure exactly how it feels to swim with proper form.

4. Endurance Training

By swimming in place with the Endless Pools current, you eliminate flip turns. So you'll waste no energy kicking off the wall, a skill you'll never use in the open water.
By eliminating turns, you get a better understanding of your true open water endurance. Better still, you can build your endurance.

Competitive swimmers can benefit from swim training with the Endless Pools Fit@Home app. The app lets you program interval workouts to challenge yourself and build endurance in the water.

5. Complete Triathlon in your Pool

Our exclusive Underwater Treadmill lets you rack up the miles while reducing the wear and tear on your joints. It's perfect for muscle recovery, injury rehab, and fitness development.

Add the Aquabike and you can train for the bike leg in your pool with 360-degree resistance for a vigorous challenge. Together, our Aquabike and Underwater Treadmill let you complete an entire triathlon without ever leaving your pool! It's a great way to mix it up, keep it fresh, and protect your joints and spine from overtraining.

6. Transition Training

When you're swimming at a nearby YMCA, you can't rush out of the pool and hop onto your bicycle; you're in a dedicated wet area separated from the outside (and even any stationary bicycles) by crowds, a locker room, and multiple doors.

With your own Endless Pools model, you can train for the all-important T1. Swim, hop out, and prepare for a vigorous bike ride … all from the convenience of your home!

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