7 Compact Pools for Small Spaces (photos)

These Swimming Pools Adapt to Your Available Space

A pool can seem out of reach for people with smaller homes and less roomy backyards. Endless Pools® has been solving that problem since 1988.

Pools and spas from Endless Pools deliver big-pool functionality with a small-pool footprint. Our signature adjustable current lets swimmers do any stroke without interruption, fitness enthusiasts add core resistance to any pool workout, and kids (or the kid in you) play in its powerful flow.

The size of Endless Pools models makes them easier to maintain and opens up possibilities for an indoor pool. From our sleek, modern Spa Series designs to the complete aesthetic freedom offered by our Original Series pools, you can live it up with a beautiful pool – even if it's in a humble rowhouse, ranch-style home, or bungalow.

Let these Endless Pools installations give you an idea of the versatility and usefulness of a small pool in your home.

What's that tucked away around the bend from the seating area? It's an Endless Pools Original model! In this Wisconsin sunroom, the small pool provides all-season swimming for the homeowners. When winter temperatures dip into the single digits, they can suit up and revitalize in its warm water!

When Jeff and his wife remodeled their home in L.A. County, they added this Endless Pools Fitness System E2000 swim spa with a new deck of durable Brazilian ipe wood. Sure, there's a lake right there, but their E2000 features state-of-the-art water purification, full temperature control, and hydromassage seats in the attached hot-tub section.

Installed partially in-ground, this Endless Pools Performance model provides the easiest access for aquatic therapy. Front right, you'll see one of our many accessibility options to open your backyard pool to almost all mobility levels. And don't worry about splashing the flowers; our water purification system can maintain crystal-clear water with less chlorine than is allowable in tap water!

When the Michigan winter leaves a barren landscape outside, it's still summer in this sunroom! The Endless Pools Fitness System E700 swim spa combines our signature adjustable current with ergonomic hydromassage seats. Note that this spa arrives pre-assembled, so it's ideal for outdoors, new construction, or any space with doors wider than 89 inches.

Kat relied so heavily on her Endless Pools Performance model in Maryland that she recreated her small pool set-up when she moved to Massachusetts! In any season, she can swim for therapy and lounge in the warm water for pleasure.

You can still float your cares away in a small pool! Mark uses his standard size Endless Pools Original model to train for IRONMAN triathlons. He also uses the same deck pool for his lazy afternoons.

Lastly, watch this video to see what's really possible in a compact Endless Pools model. Even in this tight backyard in a NYC suburb, our current lets you enjoy an uninterrupted swim. You can do any stroke and adjust the speed for a leisurely pace or all-out sprinting. The owner of this small pool customized it with brick skirting to complement the paving-stone surround.

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