Puppet Professes Love for New Pool

Harold the Puppet was tired—tired of the hassle of driving to and from the gym everyday just to fit in a swim before work.

The drive, the messy locker room, the over-chlorinated, over-crowded pool—it all became too much for Harold, who decided he’d had enough.

“I began exploring alternatives,” said the bespectacled green puppet. “Now I swim at home in a beautiful Endless Pools Swim Spa installed in my sunroom.”

One of Harold’s best friends, Roger—an orange puppet with a Mohawk and a well-manicured goatee—purchased an Endless Pool for his home in 2007, and utilizes the water almost daily for aquatic therapy and relaxation.

“From the first day I got my fur wet inside the Endless Pool, I knew it was going to change my life,” said Roger.

“I’ve lived with almost constant back pain for as long as I can remember. It literally felt like someone had their hand shoved up my spine! But the therapy the water provides has brought such relief.”

Harold, who dealt with similar bouts of back pain, has embraced his Swim Spa and opened it up to friends as well.

“I love to swim in the morning and then come home after a long day at the office and chillax in the hydrotherapy jets,” said Harold. “And the spa parties have been a hit with my puppet pals!”

With a complete line of Swim and Exercise Spas, Endless Pools offers an option for any puppet or human. The innovative company has consistently worked to improve its Spas and now offers four sizes with an array of special features and customizations.

Harold and Roger both chose the 17’ version of the Swim Spa, complete with swim current, underwater treadmill, underwater lights and three jetted hydrotherapy seats.

Harold’s wife, Cheryl, is particularly fond of the treadmill, which allows her to run in the low-impact environment of water, which is easy on her joints. The couple’s children, Harold Jr. and Dorothy, enjoy floating in the swim current.

“We all love it,” said Harold. “It’s really been a great addition to our home. We can swim all year, we can relax, we can exercise. The Endless Pool is perfect for our family and I can’t imagine our home without it.”

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