Pike PT therapist shares Endless Pool tips and benefits

By Rachael Bell, ATC, CSCS

Pike PT recently installed a Dual Propulsion Endless Pool complete with an Underwater Treadmill. The Fitness and Pool Manager at Pike Physical Therapy in Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania, Bell shared her experience so far with the pool and the difference it has made at the practice.

Marketing a Therapy Pool

We’ve been proactive in marketing our Endless Pool and are uniquely positioned as one of the only facilities in our area to offer aquatic therapy.

A main focus of our efforts is making both existing members and others in the community aware of our addition, and the many ways you can use our Dual Endless Pool for fitness and therapy sessions.

We’ve hosted an Open House to celebrate the pool’s opening and presented our Endless Pool to the local Chamber of Commerce, VFW, and at health fairs to spread the word.

We’ve also offered lap swim and water aerobic class trials for new members and those who attend presentations.

This Dual Propulsion Endless Pool delivered a 20% increase in patients and members at Pike Physical Therapy. In addition to aquatic therapy, the facility's fitness center offers it for in-place swimming and low-impact walking and jogging on the Underwater Treadmill.

Quantified Results

Between our fitness center and physical therapy programs, our efforts have paid off as we’ve seen around a 20% increase in members and patients from the surrounding community.

There are patients and fitness members who drive over 30 minutes just to use our Endless Pool.

We are doing everything with the pool that we had hoped to and more. The underwater treadmill has been a great success. Our therapists use it every day, and we have fitness members who regularly sign up to do 30-minute treadmill workouts in the pool.

"Our aquatic therapy program has simply been a great success," reports Pike Manager Rachael Bell. For their patients who find dry-land exercise too painful, the buoyant, low-impact environment of the Endless Pool is liberating! Bell finds it to be "a true blessing to see happy, smiling faces from the water."

Smiling Faces

The success stories we’ve seen are by far the most exciting thing we’ve witnessed as a result of installing the pool. Even in an exercise class, the thrill that people get from doing jumping jacks, squat jumps, or cross-country skiing in the water—things they could never do on land—is priceless.

Our aquatic therapy program has simply been a great success, as both our regular and new clients have responded with excitement. We regularly have high attendance for our children’s swim lessons and our group exercise classes. The Endless Pool has been popular for so much more than just swimming.

As a 12-year land exercise instructor who is new to water aerobic instruction, it is a true blessing to see happy, smiling faces from the water who are thoroughly enjoying their water work-out, pain-free.

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