The One-on-One Swim Coaching Pool

Join the Endless Pools® Revolution in Swim Lessons

University Swim Programs have long recognized the value of the Endless Pool. Developed originally on the pool deck at Columbia University in 1988, the Endless Pool is an ideal place to work with athletes on their stroke. The immediate performance feedback offered by the front and bottom mirrors as well as a video recording system allows the swimmer to make slight alterations and actually see results.

Stroke efficiency is easy to see when swimming in place: improvements move you forward or reduce your stroke rate. Never before has a swimmer been able to really see their stroke in this way. Never before has a coach been able to stand next to a swimmer and adjust their stroke directly.

Swim Studios, Triathlon Training and Fitness Centers rely on the highest quality swim current available in all Endless Pools. Our 7.5 hp Elite Endless Pool is designed specifically for top swimmers: with a 51 second 100-yard pace, it even challenges sprinters. With the Elite, a coach can increase the current speed to a swimmer’s race pace — see precisely when and how their stroke breaks down — and fix it. Immediately. The Elite is also ideal for teaching all levels of swimming, from young beginners to Masters — generating welcome income for your facility. There is no better one-on-one teaching environment.

For coaches, nothing improves student performance more quickly than standing next to the swimmer, observing their stroke and providing immediate feedback.

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