Open Water Swimming with Endless Pools®

For open water swimming and triathlon, professional and age-group athletes turn to Endless Pools to train against a smooth, fully adjustable current.

The Swim Current

Nothing beats the Endless Pools current to recreate the open water swimming experience. There are no turns and no stopping – just a steady, river-like current. Triathletes and other open water swimmers have praised the Endless Pools current for its similarity to real open water swimming conditions.

The Endless Pools current permits swim training and endurance training. By swimming in place, swimmers get unprecedented opportunities to observe their own strokes. They use their Endless Pools training to fine-tune every aspect of their swim technique in real time for immediate improvements.

Olympian Alex Meyer trained in the Endless Pools Elite model with Coach Tim Murphy. The Elite features our widest, deepest, and fastest current, maxing at a :51/100-yard pace. The uninterrupted pace lets you better develop your open-water swim endurance.

Swimmers report that, after their Endless Pools training, they can swim faster and with less effort. For triathletes, that means that they're out of the water faster, with more energy remaining for the bike and run ahead.

Features for Optimal Training

Temperature control comes standard with every Endless Pools model, so you can acclimate to the waters you're training for. Planning a swim in a 59° ocean? Then set your pool to 59° and be fully prepared for your actual swim conditions! (The pool can also be set to a comfortable 85° and tops off at a tropical 92°.)

Because the pool is so compact, temperature control is more affordable than for full-sized pools. And with indoor and outdoor installation options, you get year-round convenience to train for as long as you want, anytime you want.

The optional swim mirrors (easily visible in the bubble-free Endless Pools current) allows real-time adjustments for technique and body positioning. For muscle recovery, injury rehab, and fitness development, the optional Underwater Treadmill makes the ideal low-impact cross-trainer.

Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE favors the demanding butterfly stroke, both in the 2004 Endless Pools model in her Loughborough garden and for her record-setting swims, including her 2011 circumnavigation of Manhattan Island. “Where I live, it’s very difficult to find open water," she says. "It’s a great time saver.

Meet the Athletes

Consider some of the triathletes and other open water swimmers who train with Endless Pools to work toward new PBs. Below are video testimonials and links to interviews with professional and age-group triathletes and open water swimmers.

Professional triathlete Lionel Sanders wrote after his first test-swim that the Endless Pools swimming machine is "definitely the best technical aid I have ever seen."

After he installed a High Performance model in his basement, he clarified how the Endless Pools underwater mirrors helped. "I looked at myself in the mirror … I'd been crossing the centerline. I crossed over both left and right at entry. So I didn't have a stable core, so my hips went the opposite way. To counteract, I'd do a scissor kick," Thanks to his Endless Pools training, he reported, "I've been able to correct that. There's no crossover."

Pete Jacobs, the 2012 IRONMAN® World Champion, had a traditional in-ground pool to which he added the Endless Pools Fastlane Pro. "I looked at other options, but nothing came close to the power and feel of the Fastlane," he said. "Also, dealing with a company that has been so involved with triathlon for so long is a nice bonus of confidence and service."

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