This "Lazy" River Keeps You Active

For the most versatility from your Lazy River, get in the Fastlane®

Lazy rivers are a huge draw of water parks, resorts, and theme parks. The whole family can participate in the all-ages fun and relaxation of a lazy river. You can create your own lazy river in your backyard pool, thanks to the Endless Pools® Fastlane® Pro current system.

Lazy 'rivers,' of course, are really pools featuring a current just powerful enough to move inflatable rafts slowly along. And Endless Pools creates a smooth, swimmable current that adjusts for almost all levels and a range of uses.

You can float your cares away in the moat on this little golf island. The Fastlane Pro current system (wall-mounted, lower right) can generate a current strong enough to get the waters moving in one big circle. With dozens of speeds, the Fastlane Pro system adjusts for almost any user or goal.

The Fastlane Pro system fits almost any new or existing backyard pool. You can quickly attach it to your pool deck or wall with no poolside electrical connections.

While the hallmark of the lazy river pool is its slow current, the Fastlane Pro current can be adjusted with dozens of speed settings. That means that the Fastlane Pro model can effectively create a lazy river in pools of all sizes.

The Fastlane Pro current system delivers so much more functionality than just a lazy river. Swimmers of any level can swim in place against the Fastlane Pro current. Triathletes and other competitive swimmers appreciate the endurance training of the Fastlane Pro's top speed, which is equal to a pace of 1:08/100 yards!

You can also use the Fastlane Pro system for added resistance during aquatic workouts. New pools can position it directly over the Endless Pools Hydrostride™ underwater treadmill. With the Hydrostride treadmill, you can walk, jog, or run in your pool without the joint impact that you'd suffer with dry-land activity. For a more vigorous workout, turn on the Fastlane Pro current during your run.

Don't let the herons distract you: That's an Endless Pools Fastlane Pro system hidden below deck. When installed with a new pool, your pool builder can design a simple cubby for a clean, unbroken line. Sculpture to designate the adjustable current's home is completely optional.

When it's family fun time, the Fastlane Pro current adds a new twist in your next game of 'Marco Polo.' Or just turn it on and watch as the kids gravitate to the moving water and let their imaginations run wild!

The Fastlane Pro model was the first model to launch in our Fastlane Series. The Fastlane Series brings the technology of our signature freestanding pools to backyard pools and other traditional pool venues.

With an Endless Pools Fastlane Pro current system, every day is a red-swimsuit kind of day! You'll feel your boldest during an uninterrupted swim for pleasure, heart health, or stroke or endurance training. Sure, there's a Texas lake nearby, but the pool water is clean and free of water moccasins!

To learn more about Endless Pools products for traditional pools, schedule a call with a Product Specialists today.

Freeform pool? No problem! A Fastlane Pro current system is just 29 inches wide, so it can adapt to almost any pool shape. Imagine a lazy river here! You'd have plenty of room for the Fastlane current to float you gently away for a most relaxing afternoon.

Even on an infinity-edge pool, the Fastlane Pro system can be easily adapted. Here, it's on the lower right, in its Platinum housing. (Sapphire is your other color option.) These homeowners enjoy the stunning optics of the pool's vanishing edge plus the versatility of the Endless Pools current.

Not every traditional pool is a backyard pool. In this pool grotto, the Fastlane Pro current lets you swim all year long, day or night. The elaborate Italianate mural creates an expansive feel for a space with no windows!

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