10 Differences between Traditional Inground Pools and Our Pools

From cost to everyday versatility, discover the Endless Pools® advantage.

When you were a kid, you had a certain image in your head of what a phone looked like, and it looked different than a camera. Back then, a television was furniture, not a wall-hanging. And a pool? It hogged up a giant portion of your backyard. Fortunately, times have changed.

Endless Pools offers space-saving models that deliver all the benefits of a traditional inground pool, plus so much more. Think of them as 'smart pools" that differ from traditional pools in at least 10 ways:

1. Cost

According to homeguide.com, installing an in-ground pool costs, on average, $35,000. Many go up to $55,000. And that's just for installation! Basic maintenance costs up to $5,000 more every year.

The Endless Pools Original model has an MSRP of $33,999.* Installation can be DIY in just a matter of days for no cost except the time of two handy homeowners. If you choose one of our Independent Service Providers, you'll get a guaranteed base price of $3,950.

Your upfront cost could be comparable, but it doesn't end there. Endless Pools water quality is significantly cheaper. Inground pools can have 10 times as much water, which requires that many more chemicals. And that's, of course, for an outdoor pool.

A traditional pool installed indoors starts around $200,000, according to River Pools. With Endless Pools, the cost indoors is the same as outside; you can install in an existing room, basement, or garage, with any of our Original models. That gives you a year-round pool season for the same cost as a backyard pool!

They might have thought that they didn't have space for a backyard pool ... before they heard of Endless Pools! By installing above-ground with decking, they created an in-ground feel without the cost of excavation.

2. Usage

Both Endless Pools models and traditional inground pools let you get fit, relax, cool off, and play. With the Endless Pools current, however, you get so much more. You can swim in place for a more efficient and enjoyable workout – with no flip turns. The current adds resistant to aerobic activities, and kids love to play in it. That makes our pools much more versatile.

3. Swimming

Endless Pools' Original current adjusts for every level of swimmer. You can choose from multiple upgraded currents for faster swimming and competitive training. It's much easier to get a satisfying swim, for fitness or for pleasure, with Endless Pools.

4. Fun

Put your pool water in motion, and it's party time! Kids gravitate toward the Endless Pools current for boogie boarding or to just hang on and splash around.

Keep in mind how easy it is to create an indoor Endless Pools installation. A pool you enjoy for 12 months provides much more fun and family time than an inground pool that you close up for as many as nine months of the year.

At only 15 feet long, this Endless Pools RecSport R500 leaves this family plenty of room for pool fun and dry-land socializing.

5. Design

The bigger to pool, the more it's going to cost to finish. Typically, traditional in-ground pools all have a pretty similar look.

With Endless Pools' customization options, you can create a pool to match any theme or décor. Endless Pools customers have finished their pools with everything from opulent Italian marble to low-cost, mildew-resistant cedar shingles.

6. Space

Traditional backyard pools can occupy a sizable chunk of your real estate. They can leave relatively little room for off-season gatherings, gardening, and active play.

With the standard-size Endless Pools model, you only need a footprint of about 9 feet by 15 feet. Our swim spa line, called Endless Pools Fitness Systems, come in four sizes, from 12 feet to 20 feet in length.

7. Efficiency

Compared to traditional in-ground pools, models from Endless Pools use significantly less water. That – plus our state-of-the-art purification systems – means you need far fewer chemicals and significantly less chlorine to keep your water clear.

Due to the size of traditional backyard pools, extending the season beyond summer can be a tremendous expense. Endless Pools models require just a fraction of the water and have options for an insulated cabinet (standard with Endless Pools Fitness Systems) and indoor insulation; together, these features significantly lower the cost of year-round use.

8. Installation

A traditional in-ground pool can take months to complete. Expensive excavation with an industrial backhoe can wreak havoc on your yard, requiring additional time and money just to bring it back to normal.

By comparison, Endless Pools' Original models assemble in just days. Endless Pools Fitness Systems arrive pre-assembled; only a professional electrical hookup is required, so you can be filling your pool and preparing for your first dip in a matter of hours!

You can teach your children fun, life-saving swimming skills all year round in this indoor Endless Pools Performance model. The pool's modular design allows it to be installed in existing spaces, like this bright sunroom.

9. Maintenance

With regular maintenance, Endless Pools' standard purification systems can keep the water crystal-clear using less chlorine than is allowable in tap water! That means that your home pool will be fresh-smelling and gentle on your skin and hair. Most customers report that regular maintenance takes just minutes a week.

Given the significantly greater volume of water in a traditional pool, the sheer volume of maintenance chemicals that you'll need will cost significantly more. Maintaining the water's pH balance can be difficult and time-consuming.

10. Smartphone controls

You've gone away for a vacation and forgot to turn your pool's heat down? Not a problem. Endless Pools offers a remote pool monitoring system that lets you adjust the temperature from your smartphone or tablet. Before you return, you can raise it back to have it ready and waiting for a relaxing swim before you even unpack!

You can also use the Endless Pools Fit@Home app to control the pace of the current and the optional Underwater Treadmill. The app also lets you program and save advanced workouts. It's yet another way that Endless Pools has taken the traditional pool into the 21st Century.

Lower costs, more versatility, modern engineering – that's what makes any model from Endless Pools the intelligent choice for year-round swimming, exercise, therapy, and family fun.

* MSRP valid as of January 1, 2024. Prices subject to change. Please speak with your Endless Pools representative for current pricing.

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