Fiberglass Pools vs Our Pools

3 key differences distinguish Endless Pools models from fiberglass pools

Except for the material they're made from, fiberglass pools are much like traditional inground pools. And in that way, they have many of the same disadvantages of traditional in-ground pools when compared to models from Endless Pools®:

  • Without the Endless Pools adjustable current, fiberglass pools offer limited options for fitness and active fun. The swim experience is significantly better with Endless Pools as it's uninterrupted by frequent flip-turns.
  • Fiberglass pools can take up much of your yard, while Endless Pools models have a space-saving footprint.
  • The size of your fiberglass pool will likely require much more water – and therefore more chemicals and a greater maintenance commitment – than an Endless Pools model.

Fiberglass pools also have some unique disadvantages, mostly due to the process of creating the fiberglass shell.

Fiberglass pools require expensive reinforcements to be installed above-ground. Of course, in-ground installations require expensive, risky excavation. This Endless Pools Performance model was installed fully above-ground abutting this deck. The result: a luxurious in-ground feel in a smart, money-saving installation. 

1. Cost

According to, installing a fiberglass pool costs, on average, $46,000. For a larger model, expect to pay closer to $59,900. The cost includes excavation – fiberglass pools aren't intended for aboveground installation – but it doesn't include restoration of your yard and garden after the backhoe digs the hole for your pool!

Unless you're installing an Endless Pools Elite model for the fastest competitive swimmers, you'll pay less with Endless Pools. Installation can be DIY for only the cost of two handy homeowners' time. Or choose one of our recommended Independent Service Providers for a guaranteed base price.

You can't do this in a fiberglass pool: the Endless Pools adjustable current allows in-place swimming. It's an ideal way to teach swimming skills that are both fun and life-saving!

2. Design

Given the high cost of creating a fiberglass mold, you'll have a limited number of options when choosing your fiberglass pool. Even the most minor change – such as the shape or location of the stairs – will require a completely new mold to be constructed.

The Endless Pools Original Series models can be customized in one-foot increments; you have a choice of standard depths and can choose a custom depth. (Custom vinyl liners are much more affordable than custom fiberglass molds!) The pool is assembled on site, so you can choose where you want the stairs, access rails, hydrotherapy jets, and even underwater lights.

Another price-smart Endless Pools installation, this Original pool used the garage's existing cement pad for the quickest, most affordable way to have a year-round pool season in a welcoming family room. 

3. Installation

Fiberglass pools are typically for outdoors only; the molded fiberglass shell arrives in one big piece. It's designed to be installed in-ground or up to about 18 inches above ground; fully above-ground fiberglass pools require expensive reinforcements.

Be sure to pay for an experienced installer. Damage to the fiberglass shell is most likely to happen during installation, when it's being craned into your yard and then backfilled. A broken fiberglass shell can cause significant delays to the project's completion.

Endless Pools models can be installed outdoors or inside, even in existing rooms. Indoors, you can enjoy a year-round, all-weather pool season for your investment! All models are free-standing, so they can be installed in-ground, above-ground, or partially in-ground.

For less money, outstanding versatility, and the option for a 12-month pool season, Endless Pools stands out as the intelligent choice for year-round swimming, exercise, therapy, and active family fun.

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