Endless Pools Launches the WaterWell

Ideal for aquatic exercise and therapy, our WaterWell Exercise & Therapy Pool provides chest-deep water in a freestanding package that fits just about anywhere. This completely self-contained plunge pool plugs into a standard wall outlet, and provides warm, sparkling water ideal for water-based therapy and exercise. It’s an Endless Pool without the current!

WaterWell™ Specifications:

  • WaterWell exercise area: 6' x 6' to 9' x 15' (1' increments)
  • WaterWell depth: 3'3" standard, optional 3'9", 4'3" or 6'6"
  • Exterior stairs
  • Interior bench seat
  • Underwater Lights
  • Underwater Treadmill
  • Stainless steel grab bars

WaterWell Features and Benefits:

  • WaterWell Pools Designed for Flexibility
  • Multiple sizes from 6' x 6' to 9' x 15'
  • 4 Different WaterWell depths
  • Modular design allows installation in existing spaces
  • Hydrotherapy JetsVertically aligned jets allow targeted therapy while standing
  • Above Bench jets allow for a soothing massage
  • Underwater TreadmillIncreases range of motion
  • Improves stamina and toning
  • Replicates proper biomechanics
  • Water Quality SystemTemperature controlled water is perfect for relieving pain in muscles and joints
  • Poolside Digital controller regulates temperature, lights and jets
  • High efficiency circulating pump
  • Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Endless Pools products are made with superior quality components

  • WaterWell Pools are backed with a 10-year structural warranty
  • All moving parts have a 2-year warranty



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