Endless Pools® Helps Masters Cyclist Thrive

John Platero is a busy man. The founder and owner of Future Fit, Inc., director of the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers, an author and musician, Platero also competed in 95 Masters cycling races in 2013, placing in 27 of them.

The well-respected 55-year old fitness professional has learned to maximize his training and recovery time with the aid of his Endless Pools backyard installation.

Platero's Endless Pool offers a beautiful backyard exercise and rehab center

Never one to shy away from pushing himself to the limit, he quickly understood the value of the Endless Pools Performance model's ability to provide an unparalleled rehabilitation and training tool.

“It’s awesome, I love it,” said Platero. “It’s a safe environment that’s allowed me to rehab and do dynamic movement in a non-weight bearing environment.”

“Due to the nature of cycling, I’ve had a lot of major injuries, including five knee surgeries. It’s not a matter of if, but when you’re going to fall in this sport.”

Platero prepares for the start of another race

For an athlete who travels around the world, the soothing therapy that water provides is a welcome environment after physically taxing competitions.

While each event inevitably takes a toll on his body, Platero can use water exercise to his advantage, stretching and working his muscles in ways he couldn’t on land.

“I try to use the pool almost daily and there are times I’ll even start my day in the Endless Pool to fire up my muscles," said Platero.

While he swims and performs water exercises, the pool acts as a cross-trainer for Platero, as he uses the adjustable swim current to challenge himself in ways he can’t on the land. It's an ideal swimming pool workout.

“Cycling requires an almost constant singular motion,” said Platero. “The pool allows me to do so many different exercises that would normally hurt. It’s a very flexible tool for me.”

After a 2013 season highlighted by capturing the points race in the Master's Pan American Games, Platero looks to push himself once again in 2014.

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