An Elite Pool for an Elegant Home

Even a spectacular, sprawling custom home needs just one knockout showpiece. In this beautifully detailed six-bedroom property in Vienna, Virginia, the heart of the house is the Endless Pools® Elite pool in the backyard garden.

Who's up for a swim? The Endless Pools Elite model conserves water and uses fewer chemicals by letting you swim in place in a compact, easy-to-maintain installation. Visible near the front end is one of the two underwater mirrors. They help make the pool a prime environment for swim training and stroke refinement.

After completing the house in 2012, the homeowners added the Endless Pool the following year. They created the stunning landscaping on their quarter-acre plot at the same time.

The stone-slab steps do more than add a sense of organic grandeur. Along with the rich redwood decking and perimeter boulders, the steps give an in-ground feel to this partially in-ground Endless Pools installation. The result: the glamor of an in-ground pool with less hassle and lower cost than if they'd excavated for the full 54" depth.

Even in a four-level house with multiple balconies and a grand second-floor bay window, the in-ground Endless Pools setup and lush garden steal the focus. They create an inviting, calming oasis, and in this suburb just a stone's throw from the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C., a quiet, natural refuge would surely be in high demand!

This balcony affords a full view of the garden and its warm-water Endless Pool. Not visible from any angle: the below-deck retractable security cover. The cover traps in heat and humidity, while keeping out debris and critters, all with the turn of a key.

Our Elite pool delivers our smoothest current with our fastest top speed – a challenging 0:51/100-yard pace. Like all Endless Pools, the current speed easily adjusts to suit the slower swimmers in the house.

The Elite model comes standard at 8-feet wide. The 6-foot, 1-inch homeowner and principle swimmer customized the length to 15 feet, which is easy to do thanks to the pool's modular, steel-panel construction.

For the Endless Pools Elite pool in this Vienna, Virginia, home, contact the Casey Samson Team. For any Endless Pools model in your own home, visit the Endless Pools product page.

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