Conshohocken PT, Featuring an Endless Pool, Earns Top 4 Ranking in Country

For 11 years, ADVANCE Magazine has selected what they consider the most qualified facilities from an expansive list of innovative, forward-thinking physical therapy practices that are defining PT private practice in the new millennium.

Practices ranged from small neighborhood operations to large multi-state enterprises, specializing in everything from home care to worker’s compensation to scoliosis.

Conshohocken Physical Therapy was chosen as one of the Top 4 PT facilities in the country for expanding their offering of services, staying true to the guiding principles of the profession, using new media to promote themselves and the physical therapy profession, and above all, offering superior consumer service through evidence-based care.

“The spirit in their facility is a wonderful amalgam of hospitality, good humor and extraordinary professional competence,” a patient remarked. “They far exceeded my expectations by every measure. I cannot more heartily recommend the CPT team to anyone in need of physical therapy. I look forward to the three days a week of PT!”

From the moment they walk into this one-location practice about 20 minutes from Philadelphia, patients are home. Free coffee, free T-shirts and water bottles, a welcome card with the owners’ personal contact information, and a complimentary book of health articles are just the beginning.

But don’t mistake the clinic’s old-fashioned service for being out of step with the times. CPT recognizes that today’s therapy consumer is informed, discerning and connected. In December 2010, CPT released a breakthrough physical therapy iPad application aimed at injury and pain prevention. “Motion Doctor” contains over 60 high-quality videos that serve as a reference of exercises categorized by body part, activity, sport and occupation that will help people of all ages maintain a healthy and pain free body. The app can also be used by PTs as a reference tool, showing patients how to properly perform exercises at home.

“It was important that we promote physical therapy while providing a quality product to consumers,” said CPT co-owner Desirea Caucci, DPT. The app includes a “Find a PT” section with a list of private PT practices by state.

“When patients are discharged from our care, they basically leave as a friend,” Caucci said. “They have a considerable amount of knowledge about their condition, empowering them with more self-confidence to tackle what life brings after discharge.”

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