Comparing the Salt Water Pool System to the Endless Pool UV Purification System

Over the last 25 years, we’ve seen swimming trends come and go and we’ve made certain to commit ourselves to the highest long-term standards in the swimming pool and spa industry. 

The technology we have developed during that time frame has allowed us to improve our Nature2 copper/silver purification system to the point that our pools now require less parts per million of chlorine than standard drinking water.

While in theory, salt water pools are a fine idea, there are several obstacles that keep this type of system from being the ideal solution for your Endless Pool. 

Why shouldn't this dog be relaxed alongside the Endless Pool? It requires so little chlorine that the air stays fresh-smelling, even directly above the water!

Salt water pool systems:

  • Use chlorine, albeit in lower concentration than a standard chlorinated pool
  • Involve a greater upfront cost, as well as higher cost for replacement parts
  • Can produce buildup and corrosion over time
  • Sanitize water, reducing the level of microorganisms to safe levels, but typically do not feature the ability to oxidize contaminants such as body oil, perspiration, urine and sunscreen
  • Require more upkeep, maintenance and monitoring

Endless Pools offer:

  • A super efficient 120 watt pump with an ultra-violet water purifier, which keeps your pool sparkling clean with a minimum of chemicals
  • Simple upkeep—just half a cup of Clorox bleach a few times a week makes for crystal clear water
  • A Nature2 copper/silver purification system that greatly reduces the need for chlorine, decreasing the smell and effects of chemicals, while providing a source of automatic sanitization
  • Consistently safe water levels that will keep your pool sparkling clean
  • Ease of use—monitoring your compact pool or spa couldn’t be easier with our simple system and lifetime customer support




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