Comparing Endless Pools to Natural Swimming Pools

For over 25 years, we’ve worked tirelessly to innovate and manufacture the most environmentally friendly compact swimming pools and spas in the world.

The technology we have developed since 1988 has allowed us to build more efficient, longer lasting pools that take up just a fraction of the footprint of the standard traditional pool.

Add in simple installation, low operating costs, minimal chemical requirements and easy maintenance, and you’ll find that the Endless Pools® family of products is an ideal choice for outdoor installation that can truly enhance and help capture the beauty of Mother Nature.

This partially in-ground Endless Pool has several key advantages over Natural Pools. The Endless Pool offers simple installation, lower operating costs, and easy maintenance. The granite slab skirting helps integrate this model into its environment for a more natural vibe.

Natural Pools are green, alternative swimming pools that often take a pond-like appearance. While they do provide a natural look, there are several obstacles that do not make them an ideal choice for many.

Natural Pools:
• Are a green, natural swimming pool option that utilizes plants rather than chemicals, which results in an ‘organic’ swimming environment
• Require consistent upkeep—roots of plants must be maintained
• Can incorporate fish, but only in the swimming part of the pool and not in the aqua-garden area where they would cause destruction
• May not be able to properly metabolize sunblock
• Do not offer simple temperature control options, which can be difficult to maintain
• Require a very high up-front setup cost

Endless Pools offer:
• Just a fraction of the footprint of a traditional pool as they can seamlessly be incorporated into their surroundings and blended into the natural landscape
• An environmentally friendly choice due to a minimum of required chemicals and with their Nature2 copper/silver purification system
• Simple design or a variety of options to customize in the size and features of your choice
• The ability to save time and money—both short and long-term
• A do-it-yourself option; the modular Endless Pool can be installed in a few short days, while the one-piece acrylic Spa Series (available as an Exercise Spa or Swim Spa) requires minimal setup time

Why fuss with the constant upkeep of "green" Natural Pools? This Endless Pool uses fewer chemicals and requires significantly less maintenance!

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