Best Backyard Family Pools

Some great, family-friendly pool setups to inspire your backyard renovation!

A pool means fun for everyone, and it’s an especially good investment for families. Kids and adults alike love passing the time in the pool, and it encourages people to spend more time together.

Days that would ordinarily be too hot to want to go outside become the perfect time for family bonding, as everyone will want to be in that pool!

So, if you’re thinking about getting a backyard family pool, let these pictures inspire your pool planning!

Pools become the perfect setting for a family birthday party! This pool also features our Performance current and was installed for dad's marathon swim training! The advantage of any Endless Pools model is its versatility for fitness and fun.

A backyard family pool is a great place for your children to learn how to swim! This E2000 swim spa has separate areas for swimming and relaxing. This girl can practice kicking against the current in temperate water suitable for vigorous activity. In the hot tub chamber, her mom and brother enjoy a hot-water spa experience.

Our adjustable current creates an environment perfect for fitness, and this E500 swim spa has even more options for total fitness versatility. Dad is using this pool for his rowing workout, while his kids are having plenty of fun trying to beat the current in this pool! It's a versatile backyard family pool for everyone, no matter their goals!

Everybody in the pool! Rafting in this Performance pool isn't quite the same as white-water rafting, of course! It still makes a fun, lower-risk hangout space for every member of the family, human and canine.

Our Original pool's current works for swimming, aerobic resistance, and playtime! Here, two brothers practice swimming. The older brother is allowed to go underwater and retrieve pool toys from the bottom while his younger sibling must stay aboard his flotation device. It’s proof that even a compact pool can make an ideal all-purpose family pool!

When it comes to backyard family pools, the Dual Propulsion pool is the perfect choice. With two independently controlled currents operating side by side, this pool provides the ideal conditions for two members of the family to swim at the same time. It also provides more room for pool parties, workouts, and hangouts.

Check out the Endless Pools photo galleries for additional inspiration!

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