6 Sky-High Endless Pools

Thanks to its modular construction, the Endless Pool can be installed almost anywhere. If you like to dream big, you can even look to the stars and plan your own rooftop Endless Pool.

For the simplest, most cost-efficient installation, consider your existing ground-floor rooms or basement. For the most striking views, however, a rooftop Endless Pool may be well worth the effort! A rooftop pool can also save space and provide more privacy than a backyard pool.

The Endless Pools team of architects and engineers can help you plan a structurally sound rooftop pool. You can start by getting inspired by these five rooftop pool installations, plus one penthouse pool.

New York after dark, and the owners of this Endless Pool choose to skip the scenesters and the velvet ropes. After a long day in the rat race, an open-air swim is clearly all the nightlife they need!

Imagine swimming a relaxing backstroke underneath the summer sun … in Midtown Manhattan! Columns and hanging plants help complete this urban getaway.

Why clutter that beautiful Long Island lawn? You can keep your green space by elevating your Endless Pool. The wood decking provides a clean, organic finish.

Not far from the Pacific coast, this California Endless Pool lets you emerge from a swim to a view that's both quaint and sprawling! Plexiglass safety panels maintain an unobstructed view of this coastal town in the O.C.

What sets this Endless Pool apart – besides the view of Manhattan's storied SoHo neighborhood? The 9' x 16' pool was finished with perimeter coping made of volcanic stone!

This Endless Pool isn't on a rooftop – it's in an Atlantic City penthouse! Of course, a city not known for its subtlety would appoint a pool with fountains, Italianate sculptures, and faux-finished ceiling panels.

Looking for more inspiration? You can see five more rooftop pools from the U.K. to the Dominican Republic!

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