Pool Trend: Is a Shipping Container Pool Right for You?

Shipping container pools have some perks. They're eco-friendly, clever alternative to traditional swimming pools. Before you hop on the container-pool bandwagon, consider how these new options stack up against the Original Endless Pool®.

Shipping containers come in two sizes: 8 feet by 20 feet and 8 feet by 40 feet. Some manufacturers of shipping container pools cut the container's length down to 12 feet for a more space-friendly option.

The Original Endless Pool gives you sizing flexibility beyond a few off-the-rack options. Thanks to its modular design, you can customize the size in 1' increments.

The Dual Propulsion Endless Pool maxes out at an expansive 16-foot square. For tighter spaces, the Original Endless Pool can have a water area as compact as 7-foot by 12-foot.

a fully inground Original Endless Pool used for a children's party
This Endless Pool has plenty of room for everyone, even if it's not 40-feet long like a shipping container pool. This modular Endless Pool was customized to a comfy 9-feet by 16-feet by its owner, an open water swimmer in Wanaka, New Zealand. He uses the upgraded current in this Performance Endless Pool to train for his marathon swims.

The Inside Surface
A shipping container pool is more than just a shipping container filled with water. The manufacturer goes through an expensive conversion process; they weld the corrugated steel walls to make them watertight and then line the container to make it smooth to the touch.

Some shipping container pools are lined with a fiberglass shell. These pools raise the same concerns as traditional fiberglass pools: so-called "spider cracks" can develop in the surface, and like any surface damage, cracked fiberglass is difficult and expensive to repair.

By contrast to the vinyl-liner container pools, the Original Endless Pool has sturdy, smooth steel walls. Endless Pools come standard with a durable vinyl liner that's thicker than standard pool liners. And a vinyl liner is relatively easy to replace; in most cases, it's only replaced for cosmetic reasons. And for the DIY installer, installing the liner onsite will be a money-saver.

a swimmer swimming in a partially inground Original Endless Pool installed in a sunroom
You can't do this with a 20-foot container pool! This swimmer enjoys a year-round pool season thanks to the Original Endless Pool installed in his family's sunroom. With an Endless Pool, all components fit easily through standard doorways and down stairs. The retractable cover (lower right) helps retain heat and control humidity. 

A shipping container pool must be lowered into place by a crane. Unless you're getting a custom-trimmed container, it will need to be lowered onto an outdoor space that's 20- to 40-feet long.

The Original Endless Pool gives you more versatility. For one, it occupies less space than most shipping container pools. The standard size has a footprint of about 9 feet by 16 feet.

Since the Endless Pool is modular, you can easily install it indoors; an indoor Endless Pool gives you a year-round pool season in any weather.

Modular Endless Pools are installed onsite. We maintain a nationwide network of Factory Trained Installers (and an international network of dealer/installers). Handier customers frequently choose a DIY installation, investing their time upfront for greater pool versatility in the years ahead!

The Cover
An in-demand option, a secure pool cover traps in heat, conserves water, and protects your pool from debris and unwanted access.

Compared to one popular shipping container pool company, Endless Pools' manual and automatic covers cost thousands of dollars less. The price savings with Endless Pools is notable even against the comparably sized 12-foot container pool.

The compact Endless Pool also gives you the option of using a swim spa cover. These thick, insulated covers come in bi-fold and flexible rollaway options and can be a much lower-cost alternative to secure your pool.

The Swim
A 20-foot or 40-foot shipping container pool occupies a big chunk of outdoor real estate, and still, you can only swim a short lap before you must flip-turn at the wall. The longest shipping container pool is still less than half the length of a 'short course' competition pool!

Using the full length of the container pool for your swim means that either you're using the entire pool all by yourself, or you're maintaining a frustratingly narrow swim lane.

An Original Endless Pool comes with the industry's best swim current. The fully adjustable current lets you swim in place for the most enjoyable swim experience.

Many top NCAA and Olympic coaches use the Endless Pool for stroke refinement. The Endless Pool gives the swimmer an authentic swim while allowing the coach an unprecedented, up-close view of the swimmer's technique.

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For comparison, traditional in-ground pools typically cost anywhere from $35,000 to nearly $65,000, with the average price hovering around $49,000, according to the popular home improvement website, HomeAdvisor.

For one popular line of shipping container pools, base prices range from $16,500 to $39,900. For a comparable price, you can have an Original Endless Pool. With Endless Pools, you'll enjoy the industry's best swim-in-place current and the option for an indoor, year-round pool season.

The All-in-One Alternative
If you prefer a one-piece, 'plug-and-play' pool option, consider an Endless Pools swim spa.

Called Endless Pools Fitness Systems, these models feature the all-in-one, pre-assembled convenience of a shipping container pool. They include the Endless Pools swim current generator; you can also opt for exclusive fitness accessories, including our Underwater Treadmill.

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