Bakers Timber Buildings impress with Endless Pool® projects

Home Counties Pools and Hot Tubs, an Endless Pools® dealer based in Sussex, has found an excellent partner in Bakers Timber Buildings.

The two have worked cooperatively to produce functional, smart designs for garden swimming pools in homes around the United Kingdom.

an Endless Pools swimming machine in an enclosure by Bakers Timber Buildings
The Endless Pool lets you swim in place in a compact, easy-to-maintain pool. While the pool's modular design lets it be installed in existing rooms, many Endless Pool owners opt for custom pool enclosures, like this pool cabin by Bakers Timber Buildings. 

Bakers has found a niche with their practical, yet attractive buildings that complement the compact, efficient Endless Pool.

“As all our building are custom made we can tailor the building to suit each customers needs,” said Martin Baker, Managing Director at Bakers. “The fact that the pools can be brought through the house and installed in a small garden, yet do not compromise the swim experience, increases their practicality.”

Baker and his team design unique, tailor-made buildings that provide an excellent match for the custom-made Endless Pool, and many homeowners now enjoy the benefits of an enclosed garden pool even in the tightest of backyard spaces.

Versatility is a strength of each company, as the Original Endless Pool can be customized in length, width and desired features, and each pool is built specifically to customers needs.

“For more years than I can remember, I have wanted an indoor swimming pool,” said one Bakers customer. “This year I discovered Endless Pools and was really intrigued.”

“We now have a beautiful garden cabin housing an Endless Pool.”

Many people simply don’t have the space and don’t want to deal with the cost of installation and upkeep of a traditional pool. An Endless Pool is the perfect alternative, as it allows hours of swimming, water exercise, relaxation and fun and takes up just a small footprint.

“The building you constructed for us three years ago is absolutely great and we are truly enjoying being able to swim and exercise throughout the year,” said another Bakers customer and Endless Pool owner.

Bakers has mastered the art of giving an outdoor feel to hydrotherapy pools with their shed enclosures, offering year-round use with their simple, yet sophisticated buildings.



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