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Fastlane Pro Reviews

“I have been able to swim twice as often in half the time it was talking for a trip to the Y. I do not miss swimming at a cold and sometimes noisy pool. Neither do I miss the chlorine or turning at the end of a lap. You really have me spoiled!”
Susan B., Jonesboro, Arkansas

“I immediately started losing weight and firming up.”
Beverly L., McCoy, Co

“I love my Pool and use it 5-6/7 days/week. Swimming has greatly improved my chronic back pain problems. The pool has lived up to every expectation. I’ve wanted one since I first saw the ad back in 1988.”
Joyce S., Trout Lake, WA

“Great exercise without the joint pain, sweat and fatigue of jogging. It has helped me in my recent loss of 50 pounds.”
Robert K., Honolulu, Hawaii

“Easy installation and only 10 minutes maintenance per week.”
Kevin T., Anchorage, AK

“My wife has lost the weight she wanted to. The kids have fun when their friends are around, and I get a peaceful chill out time.”
Ray C., UK

“It was not until I started using the Fastlane that I discovered that what I disliked about regular pools was all those turns. Now I can swim all day without turning and never move an inch.”
Becca K., Davis, CA

Current Quality Reviews

“I previously owned their competitor and the current was not deep enough so I often over-swam the current. My Endless Pool has a current that is deeper and a lot stronger and I have found it impossible to over-swim. … The follow-up and reminders of maintenance is fantastic. They have continued to periodically check to see how I am doing with my pool.”
Allen I., Summerfield, FL

“The ability to get in the water and just play on my own, with no one watching – I can be as young as I want and swim however I want. I can swim against, under, through, or with, a beautiful river of water in my own home.”
Pete J., Queensland, Australia

Family Fun Reviews

“The greatest thing we've ever done. I feel much better. My grandkids enjoy it; in a couple of months, they figured out how to swim better. We just love it!”
Joe K., Albrightsville, PA

“I swim everyday and have a pool for the family. My kids enjoy it so much. The majority of the time, it's a fun place where you hear kids laughing.”
Roger N., Wanaka, New Zealand

Customer Service Reviews

“When I contacted Endless Pool they were GREAT and made the process go smooth and easy. These days customer satisfaction is often lacking, but NOT with Endless Pools. When they say they want to you to be satisfied, they really MEAN IT! I am 100% Satisfied.”
Philip B., Wilmington, MA

“The product is so good! We were able to get the answers we needed to proceed with confidence. We are using the pool regularly and enjoying it immensely. Thanks for an excellent product and staff.”
Les. S., Palmyra, PA

Fitness Reviews

“I love the Endless Pool. The workout far exceeds a typical pool workout as you are constantly moving.”
Wendy F., Bucks County, PA

“I call my Endless Pool 'my 3,000-gallon psychiatrist.' I get away from the stress of working 40 hours a week and being a single parent. I swim in the morning before my son wakes up. I love the Endless Pool.”
Scott R., Fort Pierce, FL

Weight Loss Reviews

“The mental aspect of me getting in shape is 100% from the Endless Pool. Watching the calories is good, but it's no fun. Swimming is fun. Once I got back in the routine of swimming every day, the pounds started coming off.”
Mike Y., Yardley, PA

“I've lost 16 pounds. I weigh what I did before I became really sick seven years ago. I back in a size 8 instead of a 12. The pool has been the best thing.”
Deborah G., Ontario, Canada