How We Give Back

Providing access to wellness, while increasing diversity, equality and inclusion in our workplace and community

Endless Pools® supports the LGBT Elder Initiative at William Way

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We acknowledge the power of water. 

We have shaped our entire business around the importance of aquatic wellness. We know how meaningful it can be, how powerfully it can transform lives, and how big a difference it can make to those in need of healing.

We spread the power of water. 

For many of our customers, having access to the therapeutic powers of water is critical for their long-term wellness and overall quality of life. To help bridge the gap between medical necessity and financial limitations, we created Endless Access.

We create access around the power of water.

The innovations we create at Endless Pools provide personalized solutions. If an individual has physical or other limitations, we don’t see that as a barrier. We see it as an opportunity to provide access—in a way that puts wellness on each person’s terms. Our team partners with those in need to create customized solutions that can bring about positive life changes for everyone involved.

Send us your story!

Is a pool in your home a need, not just a want? Then please tell us about it. All applications will be considered based on urgency and feasibility.