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Go in depth with Brett Blankner's Zen & the Art of Triathlon podcast

Old communications formats die, and new ones take their place. In 2015, Endless Pools® made its debut in the podcast format, thanks to triathlete Brett Blankner and his Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast.

A 13-time IRONMAN and former lifeguard, Brett knows swimming. He's proud to be the first Texan to swim the 22-mile length of Lake Tahoe; that's one mile longer than the English Channel and at a 6,300-feet elevation! His informed questions (and some he crowdsourced from Twitter) made for a lucid, in-depth discussion with Endless Pools Product Specialists and long-time triathletes Mark Lutz and Adam Alper.

Brett has swam in Endless Pools models multiple times and has personally experienced their "super-cool" benefits for endurance training and stroke correction. He was particularly impacted by the "always awesome" swim mirrors that provide unique feedback opportunities.

"The time I swam in it for an hour by myself with a mirror at the bottom -- I think that changed my stroke forever, because you can just work and work and work on a better technique."

If you're considering an Endless Pools swimming pool for your home, then be sure to listen as Brett has his guests review a range of considerations for an installation. They explore space requirements, finishing options, the best pool size for tall swimmers (Brett is 6'3"), and customizing a pool to use now and 15 years from now, when your expectations and abilities will have changed.

In the podcast, Brett also volunteers some thoughts on "how the Endless Pool cures" problems with public pools (two words: floating Band-Aids) and traditional pools. He then shares an amusing anecdote about "the testosterone volume level" in locker rooms shared with younger athletes!

Other topics include the myths of salt-water purification and the link between asthma and heavily chlorinated pools.

The podcast also features an in-depth discussion with professional triathlete Justin Metzler and Brett's thoughts on training with a weight vest. For endurance athletes and future pool owners, it's well worth a listen!

Proving triathletes can fly....

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Professional triathlete Justin Metzler is also interviewed by Brett Blankner for the Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast. To hear the full episode, use the SoundCloud player (above).

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