Endless Pools - An Ideal Vehicle for Weight Management

Health and fitness are not always quantifiable in any precise way, but Stan Cramer, a businessman from Pennsylvania, has no trouble applying a bottom-line assessment to his Endless Pool benefits: Since last July, his weight has dropped from 325 pounds to 200.

His son has experienced a similar transformation, going from 350 pounds to 240.

And his wife, whose weight was more a fashion issue than one related to health, has lost 30 pounds.

There are several reasons Stan and his family have found the Endless Pool, installed in the basement, the ideal vehicle for weight management. The buoyancy of the water eliminates stress on joints and connective tissues, making aquatic therapy vastly preferable to running and other forms of aerobic exercise. At the same time, the water's resistance – 600 to 700 times that of air – makes it a superior medium for raising metabolism and endurance.

What's more, because both the level of exertion and the interval of the workout are variable with the Endless Pool, it is perfect for devising an incremental approach to one's exercise regimen. Stan, for example, started swimming for just five minutes with the water propulsion on a low setting; he's since increased the duration to more than half an hour, as well as dialing in greater resistance. Just as significant, however, has been a life-altering shift in perspective on exercise due to the convenience afforded by the Endless Pool.

"Having to adapt a busy schedule to a health club's hours made it really easy to skip exercise," says Stan, "which always made it seem like such a chore. At some point with the Endless Pool, it went from being something we knew we ought to do, to something we enjoy doing."

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