What are Walk-In Pools?

Looking to turn your backyard into the perfect staycation spot? You may have your eyes on a walk-in pool. These types of pools have a gradual slope instead of steps, the water getting deeper as you go.

However, while walk-in pools certainly look inviting and aesthetically pleasing, there are just as many detriments as there are upsides.

This Endless Pools Original Series pool features our Corner Step (rear left). With our perimeter bench (here in Sapphire) and rear-bench riser, it gives you easy access to step right into this space-saving deck pool.

You should consider every pro and con before you decide on a pool for your backyard.

Benefits of Walk-in Pools

One of the most obvious upsides to a walk-in pool is the fact that you can just walk right in—it's right there in the name! You're replacing corner stairs with a long, wide slope.

The slope in these types of pools means that it will get gradually deeper as you go. It’s a lot like a wave pool you might see at an amusement park, minus the waves.

There’s also no denying that walk-in pools can be aesthetically pleasing. Depending on what sort of patio you choose, you could make the whole space look just like a beach in your backyard.

Beautiful stone tiles, elegant cafe seating, a container garden, and topiaries against the stone wall -- all this would be lost with a space-hogging walk-in pool. Endless Pools gives you a pool for fun, fitness, and uninterrupted swimming, all in a compact footprint that lets you make the most of your yard.

If it doesn't take up your whole yard, you may still room for a seating area around the pool or put some chairs in the shallow end if you want to be able to dip your feet in while you relax!

A walk-in pool would transform your backyard, that much is certain. But are these benefits worth the downsides?

Downsides to Walk in Pools

Unfortunately, these gorgeous pools come at a price. Walk-in pools are much more expensive than many alternative kinds of pool, and a lot of landscaping is needed to achieve that signature slope.

For that reason, a walk-in pool may take a longer time to install than another option.

A simple Endless Pools Original model has perimeter benches to facilitate your entrance and exit with a space-saving footprint. This elegant yard is ready for entertaining, pool parties, and cookouts, with plenty of room to move!

Walk-in pools also take up a lot of room, as having a gradual slope won’t work as well in a limited amount of space. If you want a smaller pool, a walk-in pool isn’t the way to go, since you’d need a big backyard to even consider the option.

Bigger pools mean more maintenance, and a walk-in pool brings its own unique set of cleaning challenges.

And if you were hoping to save space by putting your pool indoors, there’s no way that would work for a walk-in pool.

Our Walk-in Pool Alternatives

At Endless Pools, you can save both money and space since our pools are less expensive and take up far less room than a walk-in pool. Even a small backyard can easily accommodate one of our models!

All our pools and swim spas are versatile as well, with the option to install above-ground, partially in-ground, and fully in-ground. You can even customize the pool depth.

Though we may not have that signature slope of a walk-in pool, we offer several accessibility options to make getting into your pool easier, such as interior and exterior stairs as well as rails and grab bars.

Plus, every one of our Original Series pools and E-Series swim spas comes with our signature current. You could have the waves that your walk-in pool would have been missing!

However, if you’re set on the look of a beach in your backyard and not just the feel, you can get the Fastlane Pro current system. You can install this adjustable currents in almost any pool! It would be a perfect fit at the deep end of your walk-in pool.

Whatever you decide on, it’s important to always weigh your options. You want to get a pool that you’ll use for years to come, so think about what’s the best fit for you and your family.

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