VIDEO: Triathlete Mark Buckingham Takes the Yonda/Endless Pools Challenge

How long does it take for GB Elite Triathlete Mark Buckingham to get into his Yonda® Ghost Wetsuit, swim 100 meters in the Endless Pools® Performance pool, and then get out of his wetsuit? That was the challenge at last month's Swim Expo, and it earned one participant her own Ghost wetsuit for her predictive skills!

You can scroll down to watch video of the entire challenge.

Professional triathlete Mark Buckingham suits up, strips down, and declares victory! At last month's Swim Expo in Manchester, Mark completed both -- with a 100-meter Endless Pools swim in between -- in just 1:53. One lucky participant won her own Yonda Ghost wetsuit for the most accurate prediction of how long it would take. Photos courtesy of Richard Asquith.

Mark swam in our Performance pool's demanding top pace of a brisk 1:11/100m. The Performance model has a swim current that's about 30% larger than that of our standard model. With two propellers, it provides a smoother current too. Triathletes favor Endless Pools Original Series pools for convenient home swim training with no flip turns.
Photo courtesy of Richard Asquith.

 Angus Greenwood from Yonda Sports (left) and professional triathlete Mark Buckingham present the Challenge winner with her Ghost wetsuit. The Ghost was designed by competitive swimmers and tested by current elite triathletes. Combining state-of-the-art Yamamoto neoprene with simple time-saving features, Yonda’s Ghost wetsuit is one of the quickest, most comfortable wetsuits available. Photo courtesy of Richard Asquith.

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