The “Revolutionary City” Hosts a Revolutionary Triathlon

This weekend, we again joined the REV3 Triathlon Series, this time in Williamsburg, VA.

Before Sunday’s Olympic and Half-REVs, the festivities kicked off with a full-moon Friday-the-13th Glow-in-the-Dark 5K and 1-mile Fun Run.

Saturday afternoon saw fun for all with the family-friendly “Little REV.” “The REV Adventure Kids Race is all about getting families to do things together,” said the event’s Director, Chris Spiller. “Getting them into health and fitness early is the best thing for the children, and ultimately, it brings the families closer together,”

Through it all, our pool stayed busy with triathletes looking to warm up, cool down, or just take on our smooth, fully adjustable swim current. Sadly, none of the swimmers wore colonial drag into the pool.

 An Endless Pool swim is photogenic from any angle – even underwater! This 14’ x 7’ Performance Pool comes equipped with underwater video-capture equipment, which allows detailed stroke analysis during playback. For real-time feedback, the swimmer can monitor the underwater mirrors through the bubble-free current.
 A sunny day for a backstroke: This swimmer kept her eyes to the sky at the REV3 Triathlon in Williamsburg, VA. The event featured an Olympic-distance triathlon, a half-distance triathlon, as well as fun runs and all-ages adventure races.
 The remote control (bottom left) speeds or slows the swim current in this Performance Endless Pool. With a variety of models to choose from, the Original Endless Pool line generates swim currents as challenging as a 0:51/100-yard pace.

Next weekend, we’ll join REV3 at the Wisconsin Dells Waterpark. Hope to see you there!

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