The Endless Pools Team Takes TriRock Philly by Storm

This weekend, Endless Pools attended the Johnson & Johnson TriRock Philadelphia Triathlon presented by Philadelphia Insurance Companies. We didn’t exhibit or offer test-swims against our industry-best swim current. Oh, no. We swam, we biked, we ran. Veni, vidi, vici (except only one of us really vicied). Here are just a few of our intrepid competitors:

Dustin Danesi more than lived up to the Superman logo he sported: he assisted many swimmers and cyclists who crashed, only resuming his race after medical attention arrived on the scene. For his heroism, he received one of the largest and loudest rounds of applause, his cape waving in the breeze. (Div: M30-34, Div Pl: 94, Finish time: 3:34:47)

Outside of scraping her knee coming out of the swim, Jacqueline Randall's inaugural triathlon was smooth sailing. With the encouragement and support of her coworkers and local triathlon club, she boasted an excellent finish time! This certainly won't be her last swim/bike/run! (Div: F20-24, Div Pl: 18, Finish time: 01:57:57)

Enzo Amara knows what commitment is all about! He pinched a nerve in his back on Thursday morning, spent Friday with a heating pad, and still raced strong, back pain and all! (Div: M25-29, Div Pl: 29, Finish time: 1:44:35)
Photo credit: Swim Bike Run Photography

John Lee received a hero’s welcome at the finish line, and deservedly so: after getting hammered by another swimmer at the 1400-meter mark – getting his goggles knocked off and gulping down a fair amount of less-than-pristine Schuylkill River waters – he u-turned and swam the final 100 meters upriver. (Div: M55-59, Div Pl: 40, Finish time: 3:34:14)

 Mark Lutz not only had his race number inked on his arms; he had his age emblazoned on his right calf! The Sharpie mark attracted countless comments throughout the day and tattooed the inside of Mark’s wetsuit for races to come. (Div: M Aquabike, Div Pl: 6, Finish time: 1:41:27)

 The man who vicied: Adam Alper (far right, on Sunday’s Crew) was the 2nd fastest man on Saturday’s racecourse. He even biked past Chris McCormack (ITU Gold Medalist, two-time Kona winner) to finish on the podium against a highly competitive field. Adam used Saturday’s Sprint as a warm up; this coming Sunday, he’ll race Challenge Atlantic City, an Iron-distance tri with a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run! (Overall: 2, Finish time: 1:13:35)




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