Study: Young Swimmers Develop More Quickly Than Peers

Are swimmers smarter?

That’s the question researchers, led by Professor Robyn Jorgensen from Griffith University, asked three years ago.

This month, the group released the findings of their study, concluding that young swimmers develop a wide range of skills at a quicker rate than their land-locked peers.

Over a three-year period, researchers surveyed parents of children (all under the age of five) who learned to swim at a young age. The results showed a consistent pattern of superior achievement.

“Many of these skills are highly valuable in other learning environments and will be of considerable benefit for young children as they transition into pre-schools and school,” said Professor Jorgensen.

While members of the swim community have long contended that the dedication and attention to detail swimming requires points to a keener crowd, the proof is now available. Many have chosen to install personal pools, such as the Endless Pool, to make swimming a part of their everyday lives.

A strong option for those who prefer not to deal with travel, excessive chlorine and crowded swim clubs, the compact, kid- and adult-friendly Endless Pools product line features a customizable swim current adjustable for beginners to experienced swimmers.

In addition to the fact that swimming is a fantastic workout for the physical body, this groundbreaking study shows that heading into the pool—particularly from an early age—can pay dividends for the mind as well.

“Swimming children score significantly better than the normal population on a number of measurements that are very important…their cognitive development, their language development and their physical development,” said Jorgensen.

Oral expression, general literacy, math-related skills and visual-motor skills were proven to increase, while teaching children how to swim from an early age produces vital safety benefits as well.

“Children who start (swim) lessons early—it builds their social, emotional, physical and intellectual capital,” said famed Australian swim coach Laurie Lawrence.

The intelligent choice for pool ownership—the Endless Pool—offers all the benefits of a traditional swimming pool with a smaller footprint, decreased chemical and energy requirements, and ultimately, a lower cost of ownership.

From five-year olds to seventy-five year olds, the pool offers an ideal setting for swimmers to develop physically and mentally. And as Jorgensen and her team proved, the sooner one starts swimming, the better.

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