Rowdy Gaines for Endless Pools Swimming Machines

Rowdy Gaines, 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist, has used an Endless Pool in his home since 1998 and is still as passionate about the product and company today as he was the first time he tried it. Rowdy's enthusiasm and swimming pedigree make him the perfect spokesperson for the most advanced swimming machine in the world.

After breaking a pair of world records in the 1984 Olympics and enjoying a decorated career in the water that also included All-American honors and an NCAA Championship, Gaines has kept himself busy as a Masters swimmer and through involvement with business ventures and his charitable foundation, Rowdy's Kidz.

Gaines most recently added an Endless Pool Swim Spa to his home and loves the versatility it offers.

"The Endless Pools Swim Spa is great because I can get a workout done and get the kind of relaxation I need afterwards. I'll take a swim, drift back, settle into my captain's chair, turn on the spa and have the jets come on. It's something I love."

"It has something for everybody. My entire family uses it."

In his current role, Gaines co-anchors Olympic, National and World Championship swimming coverage. The well-decorated swimmer keeps his nose to the grindstone and is constantly on the move.

"The convenience of an Endless Pool and the ability to do it every single day, 24/7, is really important for me."

"When you're in the pool there are so many different kinds of exercise you can do. Not only can you do all four strokes in the Endless Pool, but you can also do so many types of other exercises, whether it's core work to water running. It has something for everybody."

The Endless Pool has simplified the exercise routine of thousands, including Rowdy Gaines.

As Gaines proclaims, "Swimming is a lifetime exercise."

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