Pool Trend: Is a Plunge Pool Right for You?

Plunge pools are one of the most in-demand new pool trends. As an alternative to the traditional in-ground swimming pool, they are smaller and more cost-effective. But is a plunge pool the right choice for you?

What is a Plunge Pool?

A plunge pool is shallower and more compact than a traditional pool. Its purposes are mainly for aquatic exercise, hydrotherapy, and relaxation. This more cost-effective option is great for those who may need aquatic rehabilitation or low-impact exercise. Plunge pools are also very popular among athletes who use them for efficient recovery after intense workouts.

The benefits of aquatic exercise include eliminating stress on joints, minimizing tension and pressure on the body, and reducing pain. With a plunge pool, you can experience all of these benefits while burning more calories to lose weight.

Keep it Warm

Warm water therapy is known to be better on the joints; the Arthritis Foundation reports that aquatic therapy in warm water can help reduce symptoms of arthritis, lower back pain, and many more debilitating ailments. Warm water also increases blood flow and reduces inflammation. For athletes, a hot plunge pool can loosen muscles and increase flexibility before or after a workout.

Unfortunately, heating systems are often buy-up options that add to the base price of the plunge pool. (The same goes for chillers, as some plunge pools are designed for cold-water therapy and recovery.) When you're investigating plunge pool prices, be sure to confirm what the base price includes.

The Endless Pools® WaterWell pool comes standard with an easy-to-use heating system that can quickly heat the plunge pool to your preferred temperature. With a heated plunge pool, you can even get a comfortable session in during the chilly winter months!

In this 13' x 13' sunroom, Maggie enjoys year-round aquatic exercise in her in-ground WaterWell plunge pool. She customized our standard 7-foot-square model by choosing a 51" water depth, giving her chest-deep water for greater resistance and buoyancy.  


To get the proper benefits of hydrotherapy, your plunge pool must be deep enough to submerge your body in. So it’s important to pay close attention to the depth options available and select one that will work for you.

Average plunge pools are around 7 feet by 12 feet and 54 to 60 inches deep. The Endless Pools WaterWell pool is fully customizable from 6-foot square to 9 feet by 15 feet. Standard depth options run to 51 inches; Endless Pools' team of staff engineers can help customize an even deeper WaterWell model.

With all of these choices, it’s easy to find the perfect plunge pool that will fit in your space.

By installing this Endless Pools WaterWell pool partially in-ground, its owners have the easiest access to their garden plunge pool. Endless Pools' low-chlorine water purification system makes it safe to splash water on the nearby plants and flowers. 

Plunge Pool Installation

Concrete plunge pools are typically delivered in one piece for a faster outdoor installation. However, it is nearly impossible to get these plunge pools indoors.

No matter where a plunge pool is located, it must be easily accessible. A WaterWell pool can be installed outdoors or indoors; thanks to its modular construction, all WaterWell components easily fit through standard doorways and down stairs.

Like most plunge pools, a WaterWell pool can be installed in-ground, above ground, or partially in-ground. The partially in-ground WaterWell setup makes access much easier; the coping (the pool's perimeter shelf) serves as a seat or step when getting in and out.

The Endless Pools WaterWell pool requires access to just one side for regular maintenance. That makes it possible to create space-saving installations such as this sunroom plunge pool. The solar cover (pictured) saves money by trapping almost all of the heat and humidity. 

Plunge Pool Prices

A plunge pool costs about $20,000 - $25,000, on average. Expect the price to rise with the addition of temperature control or a security cover. That price is lower than you would expect for a traditional in-ground pool, which can cost upwards of $60,000. Still, you can meet your aquatic fitness and recreation needs at an even lower price.

For less than the cost of a typical plunge pool, you can get an Endless Pool WaterWell pool with heating and filtration systems, cover, built-in step, and more.

The cost of maintenance on a WaterWell pool is much less than for a traditional swimming pool. A WaterWell pool has as few as 1,000 gallons of water, so the cost of heating and cleaning is minimal. Compare that to the time and money invested in maintaining 24,000+ gallons in a traditional swimming pool!

You can enjoy convenient plunge pool exercise and luxury just outside your door! With the Endless Pools WaterWell pool, you can opt to insulate the cabinet and use an insulated cover to keep a warm water plunge pool open all year round.

In-Demand Options

On top of being a fantastic recovery and therapy pool, the Endless Pools WaterWell pool offers optional features that can make it much more useful.

The addition of hydrotherapy jets can help turn your WaterWell plunge pool into a relaxing spa. Use the jets to further ease tension in your body.

For more exercise options, an Underwater Treadmill or removable water bike turn your WaterWell plunge pool into a versatile home gym. Both the Treadmill and water bike are perfect for low-impact cardio workouts. The addition of low-impact cardio into your daily routine can help with weight loss and overall health without soreness or joint strain.

Plunge pools are one of the latest pool trends for a good reason – they are ideal for hydrotherapy, aquatic exercise, and rehabilitation. Endless Pools offers many customizable options for the perfect plunge pool for your lifestyle, home, and budget.

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