Luke McKenzie: “Thanks, Endless Pools, for helping me get back on track!”

As he prepared for the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, we asked professional triathlete Luke McKenzie to discuss how he reinvigorated his swim to win one of only 50 coveted spots at Kona this year.

“In 2014, I struggled a lot with my swimming. My technique had fallen apart, my fitness wasn't at the level I wanted, and my motivation to work harder in the water just wasn't there. It really hurt not only my swimming but my overall fitness and race dynamics. Having to spend more energy earlier in the race rather than conserve it was affecting my results.

“I was lucky enough to become involved with Endless Pools at the end of 2014, right when I knew it was time to fix my swimming once and for all. The extra time I got to swim each week in the Endless Pool definitely helped me back to form.

 Besides being “a very good tool for stroke analysis,” this backyard Elite Endless Pool lets professional triathlete Luke McKenzie train for the all-important T1. Public pools aren’t designed for this, but Luke appreciates that “now we have the ability to jump straight on our bikes.”

“I initially used the pool to work on technical aspects of my stroke. Later on, I progressed to using it for workouts and recovery swims. The workouts in the Endless Pool were also a great replacement for open water swims; the Endless Pool gives you that open water feeling. Having the convenience of doing it in my own backyard really helped.

“This June, I competed at Ironman Cairns, and it was crucial that I had a good swim to set myself up to win and confirm my ticket to Kona. I was happy to exit the water in 47 minutes, a lot faster than the 50+ minute times I had been posting in 2014. It set me up to utilize my strength on the bike to gain an unassailable lead going into the marathon. I went on to win my second Ironman Cairns title and punch my ticket to Hawaii for the 10th consecutive year.

“So thanks, Endless Pools, for helping me get back on track!”

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