How to Swim with Endless Pools®

The Perfect Environment to Learn How to Swim

For swim instructors and coaches, the Endless Pool is the best-kept secret in swimming instruction. Learning how to swim in an Endless Pool is an ideal way to tackle fear of the water, as the Endless Pool's compact size offers an intimate, personal setting, ideal for direct communication between instructor and student.  Jump to a specific swimming stroke page below or keep reading:

How to Swim Breaststroke
How to Swim Butterfly

Why is the Endless Pool perfect for “how to swim” lessons?

  • installs virtually anywhere – indoors or out
  • "how to swim" lessons can be taught year-round
  • temperature controlled for a comfortable teaching environment
  • no traveling to the local, over-chlorinated pool
  • immediate feedback makes you learn to swim faster
  • available any time of day from early morning to late at night

Industry leaders in swim instruction and technique, such as David Marsh (formerly of SwimMac), BEST's Kim Bracken, Total Immersion's Terry Laughlin and GoSwim's Glenn Mills, have spent countless hours using an Endless Pool for their own how to swim programs. The late great Laughlin lauded, "The Endless Pool is the perfect sanctuary for practicing intelligent, purposeful, economical swimming." Swim schools for youth and adults alike, such as Aquatic Edge and Machine Aquatics, are spreading throughout the country with the help of the ideal teaching pool.

Learning how to swim more effectively and efficiently is directly correlated to your comfort in the water. Learning how to relax and stretch your stroke, while using the natural buoyancy of your body along with proper head position can be vital to making swimming an enjoyable exercise. Click here for a video on how to find comfort swimming from Total Immersion founder Terry Laughlin.

Whether you know how to swim or are looking to take the plunge, the Endless Pool could be the key to unlocking many years of comfort and confidence in the water.

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