High-Performance Swimmers Take Charlotte

Last week, the road to Rio wound its way through North Carolina. The four-day 2015 Arena Pro Swim Series at Charlotte featured world-class competition and, off on the sidelines, a world-class training pool. Our Endless Pools® High-Performance pool welcomed swimmers for warm-ups and impromptu coaching sessions.

From SwimMAC Team Elite, Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace and Olympic gold medalists Tyler Clary, Kirsty Coventry, Cullen Jones, and Ryan Lochte all spent time doing some last-minute stroke refinement in our pool.

Also taking on our High-Performance current were Olympic gold medalists Conor Dwyer and Breeja Larson, Olympic medalist César Cielo, NCAA Champion Josh Schneider, and 15-year-old sensation Reece Whitley.

Jessica Hardy, also a 2012 Olympic gold medalist, stopped by to let us know that she’s been using USC’s Endless Pools Elite model regularly for recovery and stroke analysis.

We wish all the athletes the very best in their pursuit of Olympic gold in 2016!

SwimMAC’s Tyler Clary warms up for the 100m butterfly in the Endless Pools High Performance pool at the Arena Pro Swim Series in Charlotte. He went on to take silver in the 200m backstroke, the event for which he earned the 2012 Olympic Gold Medal. As part of the SwimMAC Team Elite, he regularly trains in an Endless Pools Elite model.

Before Breeja Larson took Arena Pro bronze in the 50m breaststroke, she refined her signature stroke in our High Performance pool. In 2012, she was the NCAA 100-yard breaststroke champion and won Olympic gold as part of the U.S. 4x100-meter medley relay team.

The Charlotte festivities reunited old friends Kim Brackin and Rowdy Gaines. Coach Brackin trains swimmers in the Endless Pools Elite pool at BEST, her Austin studio. Three-time Olympic gold medalist and ESPN and NBC swim analyst, Gaines swims daily, either in his Endless Pools Swim Spa or against our Fastlane® Pro current system in his traditional in-ground pool.

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