Plan Your Garage Pool House

Get inspired with these garage pool house ideas and photos!

Indoor pools have a lot of convenient upsides. Your garage could make the ideal place for a pool, especially if you don’t have the backyard or other indoor space!

A garage pool house will give you a balance of both the indoors and outdoors, and it’s kept separate from the rest of the house. You can open the doors to feel a refreshing breeze and keep them closed when the weather is less to your liking!

This Performance pool is used for therapy, but it can also be a spa atmosphere for a movie night with the wall-mounted TV. The homeowners created a cost-efficient backsplash by using ornamental blue tile as an accent. The result: a garage pool house for fitness, swimming, and date nights!

Adding a pool to your garage makes a surprising and efficient use of your space and a versatile, family-friendly addition to your home!

Perks of a Garage Pool House

A garage pool house will give you all the benefits of an indoor pool. You’ll have peace of mind using your pool after dark and during the colder months.

It’ll also be easier to clean your pool if you don’t have to worry about the dirt, leaves, and bugs that typically end up in an outdoor pool.

This garage pool house is outfitted with an E500 swim spa. With hydromassage jets, a versatile and adjustable current, as well as our exclusive Underwater Treadmill, this pool is perfect for warm-ups, workouts, and cool-downs. The boldly contrasting wall colors create a vibrant and invigorating atmosphere for every use.

To create a space that’s perfect for entertaining, simply open the garage bay door and barbecue in the driveway, while your kids enjoy some active playtime in the garage pool house.

The garage being closed off from the other rooms in your house will also help prevent the kids from tracking water in.

Plus, if you want a relaxing swim by yourself, you’ll be separate and free of distraction from whatever’s happening in the rest of your house and with the neighbors!

Decorating Your Garage Pool House

Garages aren’t known for their comfort or eye-appeal, but with a few simple improvements you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

A Performance pool with our Underwater Treadmill would be a perfect way to turn your garage into a workout space! The beach mural and boardwalk/pool deck transform this garage pool house into a summery retreat.

Here are some creative ideas to make your garage pool house homier!

  • Comfy outdoor seating for entertaining guests and as a space to dry off before entering the house

  • A mini-fridge and cabinets to keep snacks and refreshments

  • A ping-pong table or other outdoor games for when people aren’t swimming

  • Some potted plants to create a welcoming, outdoorsy space

  • Artwork on the walls for added visual appeal

Plan your decor to suit your pool goals, whether it's bold, motivating colors or a cool, relaxing vibe. Making a select few changes can elevate your garage pool house into a most welcoming atmosphere!

Our Pools

All Endless Pools models are compact, fitting easily into less than half of a two-car garage.

Our freestanding pools and swim spas can be entirely above-ground if you choose. An above-ground pool would be perfect for your garage, which likely has a suitable concrete pad already. You can choose to assemble the pool yourself, or have it installed for you.

This garage pool house features an above-ground Original pool. It's a critical part of what makes this garage such an inviting hang-out space! With couches, a TV, a fireplace, and even a hot tub, this garage has been fully transformed for all-ages family time and entertaining.

Our smallest swimming pool is the Streamline® pool. This affordable pool features Endless Pools' versatility and durability, combined with our custom-engineered, smooth, jetted current. It’s designed for quicker ordering and assembly, and will leave you plenty of space to decorate!

Another affordable pool for your garage pool house would be one of our R-series swim spas. These pools are geared towards recreation, with hydromassage seating and our three-jet resistance current for active fun and fitness!

Anastasia Pagonis, a Paralympic swimmer, uses her garage pool house as a convenient place to train at home with her Performance pool. She recently won gold and bronze medals at the Tokyo Paralympics.

To figure out what model will work best for you, the 3D Pool Builder tool will let design and price any of our pool or swim spa models.

With some thoughtful planning, you’re sure to get a fun-filled, in-demand garage pool house with any model from Endless Pools.

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