Endless Pools, Inc. extends a helping hand to injured US soldiers

Rehabilitating Troops in Iraq Receive Urgently Needed Aquatic Therapy Pool

Endless Pools® extends a helping hand to injured U.S. soldiers

In an effort to provide an effective rehabilitation tool for injured soldiers in the Middle East, Endless Pools, Inc., has donated an Endless Pool to the 1st Brigade Combat Team, stationed at Camp Taji, an Army base just outside of Iraq.

“In late summer, we were informed of the lack of proper aquatic facilities at Camp Taji and decided step in by sending an Endless Pool,” says Mark Langan, Marketing Director for Endless Pools, Inc. “We were happy to donate the pool, as we knew how much the injured soldiers would benefit from having access to water therapy to speed recovery.”

Since arriving at Camp Taji in late September, 2007, the Endless Pool, an 8’ by 15’ feet self-contained swimming treadmill, has been utilized by many of the 3600 soldiers on base; needs ranging from aquatic therapy and rehabilitation for muscular skeletal injuries, to asthma, and chronic back pain.

“Countless soldiers suffer injuries while deployed requiring immediate rehabilitation, both to recover from the initial injury and to prevent subsequent problems. The Endless Pool offers an almost ideal form for rehab and exercise—it’s effective, convenient, independent of environmental factors, and safe,” says Col. Paul Funk, commanding officer for the 1st Brigade Combat Team. “It is also an extraordinary avenue for fitness, and when not used by the medical community, the pool will be made available to soldiers seeking to enhance their overall level of fitness.”

In fact, Army physician Aaron Dewees—who put in the initial request with company president and founder James Murdock—is currently training for April’s Ironman Arizona by swimming in the Endless Pool three times a week.

“Before we received the Endless Pool, I was training in a pool with 95-degree water, which was rarely open. Now I’m swimming an hour or more in a pool that’s consistently 78 to 82 degrees,” says Dewees. “Needless to say, we are all extremely grateful for the pool. You may not be able to find Diet Dr. Pepper or portable DVD players here, but you can get a pool delivered, built, and running in no time.”

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