Endless Pools Employees Carry on Tradition, Compete in Philly Triathlon

Twenty employees from Endless Pools® raced in this year’s Philly Triathlon, continuing a company tradition of competing in their hometown event.

These members of Team Endless Pools will compete in the 2013 Philadelphia Triathlon. They use the Endless Pools swimming machines before work, after work, and on lunch to train for the swim and for recovery. 

Thirteen athletes raced individually in the Sprint and Olympic distance races, while three teams also combined to complete a leg of each section of the swim, bike and run.

Participants ranged from seasoned veterans to first-time triathletes.

International Account Manager Enzo Amara, who completed his inaugural race in less than two hours, initially spent time rehabbing at work in an exercise pool with underwater treadmill after breaking his foot in December.

“I couldn’t walk on my foot without a boot. When I was in the water, it took all the pressure off my foot and joints and I was able to rehab and regain strength,” said Amara.

Endless Pools sends a strong contingent of athletes to the event every year, and each employee has honed their swimming skills at work.

“I was able to challenge myself in the Endless Pool because you can adjust the current,” said Amara. “If you can’t keep up with the pace, you know it, which is different from a traditional pool. And the underwater mirror was a great help for my technique.”

With a strong team atmosphere and the ability to train in the simulated open water environment that the Endless Pool offers, Amara and the entire group showed that consistent training produces results.

The company not only provides home fitness pools for customers around the world, but also fosters a healthy working environment, demonstrated by yet another conquered triathlon.

Traditionally, swimming is the most intimidating discipline of triathlon, and finding the proper environment for swim training can be daunting in and of itself.

From installations in triathlon training centers to home settings, triathletes around the world have known for years that the Endless Pool is an ideal way to strengthen their performance, from endurance to technique training with underwater mirrors and video analysis.

With an adjustable pace and no progress-impeding wall, the Endless Pool allows triathletes to maximize their training time at home for a superior swimming workout.


Endless Pools, established in 1988, has served over 20,000 customers worldwide, and offers compact, customizable pools and swim spas for indoor or outdoor use. With a series of six innovative products and an adjustable, fast, smooth swim current, the product can be tailored for training, rehab or family fun. Low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, Endless Pools has a product to meet virtually any need, from the novice swimmer to the competitive triathlete.

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